Archives for May 23, 2021

The Student Section: Closing Segment

ESPN released an article that ranked Nebraska near the bottom as a transfer destination within the Big Ten.

  • Do Big Sky and Nick agree with ESPN or did they miss the mark?

The Student Section: Drew Christo (Husker Baseball Commit)

Elkhorn star pitcher and Husker Baseball commit Drew Christo joins the show as the newest addition to the Honor Roll.

  • MLB scouts have attended Christo’s games and he may hear his name called during the MLB draft.
  • What does Drew plan on studying?
  • With a 35 on his ACT, how does Drew balance athletics and academics?

The Student Section: Does the student section at Memorial Stadium need to be moved?

The location of the student section at Memorial Stadium was the talk of Husker nation this past week.

  • Tom Shatel wrote an article with comments from fans, but should the student section be moved? Do students have the right amount of passion?
  • Are Nick and Big Sky tired of hearing about the 90s?