Archives for May 17, 2021

The Drive: May 17th, 5:45pm – Athlon SZN

  • We find ourselves talking about Athlon sports A LOT in May and June every year…
  • An article saying “Which team will win the Big Ten West in 2021?

The Drive: May 17th, 5:25pm – Transfer Corner

  • Nebraska targetting a grad transfer DB
  • Surprising they are looking for a DB in the portal?
  • Albert Pujols to the Dodgers and in the starting lineup already?

The Drive: May 17th, 5pm – This is the moment for Nebraska Baseball

  • The Huskers just need to take care of business in these last two weekends and they could win the conference
  • 7 games remaining on the schedule, 2 against Indiana, 2 against Ohio State, and 3 against Michigan
  • The NCAA Tournaments and the Big Ten

The Drive: May 17th, 4:45pm – Sad or Funny

  • A guy trying to get in the NFL got catfished

The Drive: May 17th, 4:25pm – Have I ever mentioned that replay is bad?

  • I mean, if we’re too scared to make the right call, why even do it?
  • We’re also too scared to bring guys back out onto the field after the game has already been “won”

The Drive: May 17th, 4pm – The Play-In tournament is great

  • Shoutout to the NBA for at least attempting to limit resting in the regular season
  • The Lakers are still the favorite in the West?

The Drive: May 17th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

The Drive: May 17th, 3:25pm – Robin Washut (247Sports)

  • Recruiting Rankings, tell us what you know!!!
  • Bryce McGowens impact at Nebraska
  • Isaac Truadt, what is next for him?

The Drive: May 17th, 3pm – Mowing and Grass care is Happers passion

  • Happer may become the kind of guy who checks his grass with scissors

The Recruiting Hour: May 17th – Texts and Calls

  • Answering questions from the text line

The Recruiting Hour: May 17th – No Guest

  • Recent recruiting news
  • Defining the word trolling

The Recruiting Hour: May 17th – Opening Segment

  • What did you do this weekend?
  • Food takes, Golf talk, etc