Archives for May 4, 2021

The Drive: May 5th, 5:45pm – Closing Thoughts

  • Happer learned about the suit game

The Drive: May 5th, 5:25pm – Backup QBs?

  • Baseball Corner!
  • The Spring Game did not help Ravi in thinking more positively of Logan Smothers arm
  • Haarberg impressed

The Drive: May 5th, 5pm – Encouraged, discouraged, or inconclusive?

  • Spring Game had some good, had some bad, had some meh
  • Quarterbacks?
  • Wide Receivers?
  • Running Backs?

The Drive: May 5th, 3pm – Happer is back – and he needs your help

  • Everyone said how amazing his wife looked in their wedding photos.
  • Nobody complimented him and he felt left out

The Drive: May 5th, 4:45pm – Some insane Huskers draft numbers

  • Players drafted in the Top 4 rounds the last 5 years…Nebraska has had 0, Rutgers is second to last with 1

The Drive: May 5th, 4:25pm – Lets shift the conversation around Adrian Martinez

  • Adrian does a lot of things well, there are some things missing though
  • Every QB is missing things though, nobodys perfect
  • The roster hasn’t helped him much though

The Drive: May 5th, 4pm – More Bears and Gorillas talk

  • If Bears and Gorillas teamed up, how would the human race fair?
  • Lets get a little more in depth

The Drive: May 5th, 3:45pm – What’s Poppin

  • Bears and Gorillas vs humans…

The Drive: May 5th, 3:25pm – Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • What was the takeaway from the Spring Game?
  • Evaluating running backs?
  • Adrian Martinez?

The Recruiting Hour: May 4th – Closing Segment

  • Nebraska’s NFL Draft class
  • Less or more than 2 drafted players in 2022?

The Recruiting Hour: May 4th – No Guest

  • What recruits were at the Spring Game?

The Recruiting Hour: May 4th – Opening Segment

  • What are we doing in May?
  • Happer’s wedding
  • Why do we think the offense is going to be any different from the last few years?