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The Drive: May 3rd, 5:45pm- Rico tells us why the Knicks are going to the playoffs and will be a tough out

  • The Knicks have great players, don;t count them out quite yet!

The Drive: May 3rd, 5:25pm- Nebraska gets 2 players drafted in the 2021 NFL Draft…are they on the verge of getting more drafted the next few years?

  • Brenden Jaimes went 5th round to the Chargers and Matt Farniok went 7th round to the Cowboys.
  • Will we get a better idea this year of possibly having more NFL guys in years to come?

The Drive: May 3rd, 5pm- Now that we’ve seen the spring Game, how do we feel about Nebraska’s QB situation, and their RBs/WRs?

  • Tabb had an exciting Saturday night.
  • Let’s dive into a couple of Nebraska’s position groups.

The Drive: May 3rd, 4:45pm- Whats in the Box

  • Guess Movie, Win Nifty Gifty
  • Rico Movie Monday

The Drive: May 3rd, 4:25pm- Husker Baseball has a big meltdown in a home series loss to Rutgers…what will the impact be for regionals?

  • First time Nebraska has been swept at home since 2009 — that’s crazy by itself.
  • The bats were cold all weekend, and the bullpen imploded — should we be concerned?

The Drive: May 3rd, 4pm – How important was it for this Husker football team to get a team like Fordham to begin the home schedule in 2021?

  • Nebraska was planning on playing Buffalo next week, but Buffalo’s head coach is now at Kansas.
  • If you lose to Illinois, the last thing you want is a week off before playing again.

The Drive: May 3rd, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Rico is in and has weird wedding related stories

The Drive: May 3rd, 3:25pm – Robin Washut (HuskerOnline)

  • Surprise! Nebrasketball adds a point guard in Quaran McPherson…was this on Robin’s radar? Whats the scoop on him?
  • There was a big AAU tournament this weekend in Lincoln, in the midst of a million other events going on…who was all there that Nebraska is after?
  • Nebraska switches out southeastern Louisiana for Fordham, which will be the home opener…how important is the change?

The Drive: May 3rd, 3pm – Jake and Schaefer step in for Ravi and Happer…some Spring Game thoughts, and a change in Nebraska’s football schedule

  • What was the general takeaway from the Spring Game?
  • Nebraska swaps out Southeastern Louisiana for Fordham, which will be the home opener now
  • Also, Jake and Schaefer were at Happer’s wedding on Saturday…does Schaefer thank Happer for making his least favorite day of the year that much better?

The Recruiting Hour: May 3rd – Closing Segment

Parker and Mike wrap up the show on Monday — Happer will be back tomorrow.

The Recruiting Hour: May 3rd – Don’t forget about these guys

  • The polar bear, Mauga-Clements, Mosai Newsom, etc.
  • Who’d Parker catch up with this past weekend?

The Recruiting Hour: May 3rd – Opening Segment

Parker Gabriel is in for Connor Happer today.

  • Let’s discuss the spring game.