Archives for April 23, 2021

The Drive: April 23rd, 5:45pm – Ending the week

  • Number changes in the NFL
  • Tom Brady doesn’t like it
  • Happer loves air travel

The Drive: April 23rd, 5:25pm – Husker Baseball is about to fire it up – is it fair to expect a sweep?

  • One loss might hurt them, which sucks

The Drive: April 23rd, 5pm – It’s a big Spring Game weekend, which are you most interested in?

  • The Oscars are this weekend, but I think I saw one new movie the entire year
  • Oklahoma, Michigan State, Texas, Texas A&M, Arizona, Baylor, Tennessee, West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Maryland, North Carolina, Ole Miss, Pitt, South Carolina
  • College Football Playoff Expansion talk

The Drive: April 23rd, 4:45pm – Whats in the Box

  • Guess Movie, Win Nifty Gifty
  • Happer Movie Friday

The Drive: April 23rd, 4:25pm – Complaint Box

  • It’s the complaint box, where your complaints go

The Drive: April 23rd, 4pm – In general – what is the reasoning behind changing sports OT’s?

  • It has happened in basically every sport we like now. Or at least being experimented with. What is the purpose?
  • Is it a pace of play thing?
  • I’m in pre-love with Keisei Tominaga

The Drive: April 23rd, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Yay it’s Rico!

The Drive: April 23rd, 3:25pm – Nicole Griffith (10/11 News)

  • A bunch of people named Josh are going to “fight” tomorrow in Lincoln
  • Our local Josh expert gives us the run down

The Drive: April 23rd, 3pm – Goodbye Thor

  • Thorir Thorbjarnarson has decided not to come back to Nebraska
  • Rico is broken

The Recruiting Hour: April 23rd – Texts and Calls

  • Questions will be answered

The Recruiting Hour: April 23rd – Playing card radio

  • Happer draws a card, Schaefer asks the corresponding question

The Recruiting Hour: April 23rd – Opening Segment

  • Thor has announced that he is not coming back to Nebraska
  • Kickers are amazing
  • Questions on the text line