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The Drive: April 22nd, 5:45pm – Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather

  • Youtubers vs professional fighters
  • Why do we care?!?

The Drive: April 22nd, 5:25pm – Buy or Sell planet edition

  • Is Earth the goat?

The Drive: April 22nd, 5pm – Buy or Sell

  • Going through the Big Ten and either buying or selling stock in the football teams

The Drive: April 22nd, 4:45pm – Drunk Segment

  • Joel Embiid almost hit the best shot of…awhile

The Drive: April 22nd, 4:25pm – Thirsty Thursday with Kevin Meier from Meiers Cork and Bottle

  • Beer: Hopaluia – Thunder Head Brewing
  • Wine: Rioja – Sierra Cantabria

The Drive: April 22nd, 4pm – Text Bag

  • Answering whatever you have to ask

The Drive: April 22nd, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Rico was not prepared…shocker

The Drive: April 22nd, 3:25pm – Taunting is a part of the game

  • You cant penalize someone for showing emotion
  • So long as nobody gets hurt

The Drive: April 22nd, 3pm – NCAA Rule changes

  • Rico tweeted at us about the Knicks…why?
  • The NCAA changed some rules and made the taunting rules more strict, WHY?

The Recruiting Hour: April 22nd – Texts and Calls

  • Answering questions

The Recruiting Hour: April 22nd – Mike Sautter (

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Caden Becker decommits from NIU and commits to Wyoming
  • More NebPreps news

The Recruiting Hour: April 22nd – Opening Segment

  • Happer gets to talk KC Royals
  • Level of concern for Nebraska Football areas