Archives for April 6, 2021

The Drive: April 6th, 5:45pm – Closing things out

  • Little straggler topics

The Drive: April 6th, 5:25pm – Answering text line questions about Husker camp feelings

  • What is the feeling about this team right now?

The Drive: April 6th, 5pm – Are you buying what’s coming out of Husker camp right now

  • If you can – it’s a really big deal. Why? It’s an admission that things have not gone as planned
  • And it wasn’t going to be as easy as you thought
  • Now you are adjusting to the Big Ten
  • That’s the right move by the way

The Drive: April 6th, 4:45pm – Recapping the Bracket Challenge

  • Shoutout to Eric for winning
  • Rico did terrible
  • Sam Darnold traded, what do we think?

The Drive: April 6th, 4:25pm – Movement on the Nebrasketball staff

  • Nate Loenser joins the staff, worked with Hoiberg at Iowa State and in Chicago
  • Doc Sadler moving to take the position vacated by Bobby Lutz

The Drive: April 6th, 4pm – Baylor takes down Gonzaga – is there a lesson about physicality there?

  • Reaction or overreaction?
  • Also, I’m not doing the “they didn’t play anybody” thing

The Drive: April 6th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Welcome Rico into the studio!

The Drive: April 6th, 3:25pm – Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Offensive coaches spoke…read on the RB room?
  • Tempo??

The Drive: April 6th, 3pm – Happer goes to Vegas, and is back

  • Happer entertains us with his Vegas stories
  • Happer watched “One Shining Moment” with his fiancee and she laughed

The Recruiting Hour: April 6th – Answering text line questions

  • Lets check the text line

The Recruiting Hour: April 6th – Airing of Grievances

  • Schaefer was back at Memorial Stadium for the first time in a year
  • Happer can’t wait to get past the whole “It’s been a tough year…” stuff
  • Schaefer hates people referencing NIL (is pro-NIL though) after cool sports moments in college

The Recruiting Hour: April 6th – NCAA Championship game recap

  • Happers trip to Vegas, how was it?
  • The Championship game was a blowout but it was actually kinda entertaining
  • “One Shining Moment” and Happers thoughts