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The Drive: March 23rd; 5:45 – Uhhhh, Cinnamon Toast Cruch….you good?

A man seemingly found shrimp tails in a bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. How did this happen?

The Drive: March 23rd; 5:30 – Is it over-the-top to demand more from the Nebraska Athletic Department

Are Nebraska fans too hard on coaches or do coaches need to be held to the standard set by the fans?

The Drive: March 23rd; 5:00 – Ah, the NCAA Tournament – another time that everyone dunks on Nebraska because they haven’t won an NCAA Tournament game

But it doesn’t stop there!

Not been to a bowl game or ncaa tournament since 2016 also

When will it be time and what will that be like?

The Drive: March 23rd; 4:45 – The Feel of Big Red Nation

What reasons do texters have for being optimistic or pessimistic going into next football season?

The Drive: March 23rd; 4:30 – Schedule be damned, Nebraska needs to capitalize this year

Obviously it’s not very often that you’re able to retain a whole bunch of productive seniors.

Bottom line, Nebraska should be better next year.


The Drive: March 23rd; 4:00 – Can Loyola be the next Gonzaga?

A text sparked Happer’s interest. With 2 deep tournament runs in two years, is Loyola going to be the next Gonzaga?

The Drive: March 23rd; 3:45 – What’s popping?

Welcome in Big Sky with some eye-popping headlines from the day.

The Drive: March 23rd; 3:30pm – Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)

Parker Gabriel joins the show and recaps Nebraska’s Pro Day.

The Drive: March 23rd; 3:00pm – Opening Segment

Ravi and Happer break down the sweet 16 and Creighton winning.

The Recruiting Hour: March 23 – Closing Segment

Nebraska had their pro day today!

The Recruiting Hour: March 23rd – Andrew Ivins (247Sports)

National Recruiting Analyst Andrew Ivins joins the show!

  • Has anything changed with camps this year?
  • Who are some Husker targets?
  • Top performers from this past camp

The Recruiting Hour: March 23 – Opening Segment

Someone reseeded the 16 teams remaining in the tournament — let’s rank who’s most likely to cut down the nets when it’s all said and done.