Archives for March 19, 2021

The Drive: March 19th, 5:45pm – Bracket Challenge standings

  • Happer is doing….bad
  • Small recap

The Drive: March 19th, 5:25pm – Nebrasketball scholarships

  • Trevor Lakes doesn’t count against the scholarship limit…interesting
  • Marcus Carr is transferring, Nebraska has contacted him

The Drive: March 19th, 5pm – Coaching searches in College Basketball

  • Brad Stevens didn’t completely shut down the Indiana coaching search rumors
  • Who SHOULD take the Indiana job?
  • Who would we like to take it?

The Drive: March 19th, 4:45pm – Bracket Challenges

  • Ravi and Happer not doing to well
  • Ohio State ruining TONS of peoples brackets in our challenge

The Drive: March 19th, 4:25pm – Steven M Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • How long has it been since Sip has been to the dentist?
  • The difference between Big Ten cities and Big XII cities
  • Feelings about the non-conference games

The Drive: March 19th, 4pm – Will Oral Roberts pull off the upset

  • Talking about the tournament at Buffalo Wings & Rings
  • Oral Roberts up on Ohio State late in the second half, can they pull it off?

The Drive: March 19th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Lets get weird stories in between weird games

The Drive: March 19th, 3:25pm – The anatomy of an upset

  • Higher ranked teams that slow it down are more vulnerable to the upset
  • Ohio State down to Oral Roberts…uh oh

The Drive: March 19th, 3pm – What has happened today

  • Drexel’s Center was not prepared for Kofi Cockburn
  • We’ve seen a one-seed in action already
  • First-Four last night?

The Recruiting Hour: March 19th – Closing Segment

  • Whats going on in the NCAA Tournament?
  • The show was recorded earlier so its all speculation

The Recruiting Hour: March 19th – Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Ernest Hausmann talk
  • Quarterback recruits that Nebraska fans should keep an eye on
  • Huskers switch to pass rushing specialists?

The Recruiting Hour: March 19th – Opening Segment

  • NCAA Tournament bracket run through
  • Nebrasketball turnover