Archives for March 18, 2021

The Drive: March 18th, 5:45pm – Closing Segment

  • Wrap things up

The Drive: March 18th, 5:25pm – What is the worst college football related decision in the last 20 years

  • Lets go straight Nebraska related
  • Osborne to Solich?
  • Callahan changing Nebraska completely?
  • Pelini fired to late??

The Drive: March 18th, 5pm – Nebraska Football Scheduling

  • Week 1 game?
  • Adding a 13th game?
  • Moving a game?
  • Spring Game attendance?!

The Drive: March 18th, 4:45pm – Drunk Segment

  • Random talk about randomness

The Drive: March 18th, 4:25pm – Thirsty Thursday with Meier’s Cork and Bottle

  • Beer: Dogfish Head – Strawberry and Honeyberry Vodka Lemonade
  • Wine: Highlands Forty-One – Black Granite Paso Robles

The Drive: March 18th, 4pm – TEXT BAG

  • Answering weird questions and statements

The Drive: March 18th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Welcome in Rico and his weird stories

The Drive: March 18th, 3:25pm – Bill Moos speaks more about the schedule

  • Kicking the tires on scheduling a home game for week 1
  • Going to need an NCAA waiver for an extra game

The Drive: March 18th, 3pm – NCAA Tournament wonky theories galore

  • Who do we have winning?
  • Who are the upset picks?

The Recruiting Hour: March 18th – Closing Segment

  • Texts and Calls
  • Answering questions and such

The Recruiting Hour: March 18th – Mike Sautter (

  • Movie bracket thoughts
  • Metro basketball coverage
  • Who are the next stars for Class A?
  • Isaac Traudt?

The Recruiting Hour: March 18th – Opening Segment

  • Born in the late 80s movie bracket!