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The Drive: March 11th, 5:45pm – Michigan State Spartans sponsored by Rocket Mortgage

  • Weird…so weird

The Drive: March 11th, 5:25pm – Nebraska Basketballs season comes to a close

  • Pretty much followed the script of the other losses Nebraska has had this year
  • Where is your optimism for the future? Is it weird that mine is high?

The Drive: March 11th, 5pm – Why did we just decide that the Big Ten was good this year?

  • Who decided this?
  • Remember a couple years ago when Nebraska was actually good and missed the tournament because we DECIDED that the Big Ten was bad?!?

The Drive: March 11th, 4:45pm – Basketball drama in the state??

  • Ty Ty Washington decommits from Creighton
  • Nebraska calls up the 4-star guard
  • Lets do it!!!

The Drive: March 11th, 4:25pm – Complaint Box

  • What has been eating at people in the office and off the text line

The Drive: March 11th, 4pm – Text Bag

  • Answering questions and statements from the Text Line

The Drive: March 11th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Rico is here and he has things to talk about

The Drive: March 11th, 3:25pm – Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Nebrasketball ends it season in the first round of the Big Ten tournament with a loss to Penn State
  • Getting through this season
  • What is Target A in the transfer portal?

The Drive: March 11th, 3pm – People forget how blessed we are to have ranch in our lives

  • British Tik Tokker tries American food and it got Happer thinking

The Recruiting Hour: March 11th – Closing Segment

  • How do we feel about Conference Basketball tournaments?

The Recruiting Hour: March 11th – Mike Sautter (

  • State Tournament talk
  • How much does the crowd help with the feeling

The Recruiting Hour: March 11th – Opening Segment

  • Root Beer??
  • Nebrasketball did their best and it should prove that they have some fight in them and SHOULD get better