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The Drive: February 18th, 5:45pm – Wrapping Things Up

  • Ending the show

The Drive: February 18th, 5:25pm – Alternate Realities

  • What if Banker isn’t fired?
  • What if Riley and the Huskers don’t lose to Northern Illinois?
  • What if Eichorst isn’t fired?
  • What if Frost stays at UCF and comes to Nebraska after losing a couple games at UCF?

The Drive: February 18th, 5pm – Group of 5 Coaches vs Power 5 Coordinators who became Power 5 Head Coaches

  • What is the record difference with those two groups when they became head coaches at the Power 5 level

The Drive: February 18th, 4:45pm – Drunk Segment


The Drive: February 18th, 4:25pm – Thirsty Thursday with Kevin Meier from Meiers Cork and Bottle

  • Beer: Pint Nine – Big Lebrownski
  • Wine: J. Lohr – Los Osos Merlot

The Drive: February 18th, 4pm – TEXT BAG

  • Answering the questions you all pose

The Drive: February 18th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Rico Time!!

The Drive: February 18th, 3:25pm – Here’s the question we maybe should have entertained more

  • Did Nebraska WANT to play this many games?
  • Fred Hoibergs thoughts on this
  • Achieving the balance

The Drive: February 18th, 3pm – Alright, the wheels kind of fell off there for Nebrasketball

  • They were slow to getting closeouts all night.
  • I’m not trying to make excuses, but I do think the fatigue was really there

The Recruiting Hour: February 18th – Hometown Talk

  • Hometown Talk – Ru’Quan Buckley: Grand Rapids, MI

The Recruiting Hour: February 18th – Mike Sautter (

  • Sautter is at State wrestling…hows it going?

The Recruiting Hour: February 18th – Opening Segment

  • Caller Mike asks some questions that Happer and Schaefer attempt to answer