Archives for February 15, 2021

DP & Stephens: The Leftovers

We finish off Monday’s show with the Leftovers.

Have a great day, talk to you tomorrow, stay warm.

DP & Stephens: Nick’s Tips

We ask Nick about his dating life, or lack thereof.

We bring up Kansas State football games.

DP & Stephens: Diane Miller, Husker Softball

Husker Softball Assistant Coach Diane Miller joins the show!

  • What is the social/dating situation within the team?
  • What kind of mark will the seniors leave?
  • Do the stars get enough recognition?

That and much more with Coach Miller!

DP & Stephens: Wing Man

It’s a layup today. Happer is here to be your wing man.

Call for your chance to win $15 to Buffalo Wings and Rings.

DP & Stephens: Youth Basketball

Husker Hall of Famer Jay Foreman discussing what it’s like to coach youth basketball in the state of Nebraska.

DP & Stephens: Johnny Holliday

The voice of Maryland Basketball Johnny Holliday joins the show to discuss the Terps.

  • We talk about the Huskers
  • The Terps are coming off a 72-59 win over Minnesota.
  • Johnny talks about Mark Turgeon

That and much more with the Voice of the Terps!

The Huskers play Maryland Tuesday and Wednesday.

DP & Stephens: Blog Jog

Rico is here for an abbreviated Blog Jog.

DP & Stephens: Steve Sipple, Lincoln Journal Star

We call and talk Steve Sipple after Nebraska won their first conference game since January 7th, 2020.

  • What did yesterday’s win tell you about Fred Hoiberg?
  • How hard is it to travel cross country
  • Do we blame the conference for doing this?

DP & Stephens: Opening Segment

Rico is here for Tom.

Nick came in with some big news, but it turned out to be old news.

Rico did some wack stuff on Valentines Day, but it’s Rico, so it kind of makes sense.

Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter) – Full Hour

-Time for some positivity: Nebrasketball looked good on Friday! If they didn’t have the worst offensive possession in the history of mankind to end the 2nd half, they may have actually won. But, OT against Illinois was exciting and brought hope

-Nebraska volleyball continues to win, and it feels like we take them for granted. Why do we do that?

-Nicole covered a big milestone on Friday night in girls high school hoops…what was the milestone?

-Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Michigan State, and other typical college basketball powerhouses all aren’t good this year. Do you like when sports aren’t predictable with the typical favorites?

-Even as a Bears fan, don’t you feel good that you’re not a Texans fan right now? What a mess.

-What shows is Nicole watching now to make up for no more football….and what does she recommend?

-Nicole’s alma mater (South Dakota) is playing spring football, will she watch any of that?

The Houston Texans continue to do very curious things that could be done better

-We know all about the Deshaun Watson drama, but on Friday, the team mutually agreed with JJ Watt to part ways. Not a trade…but a straight up release. There was value to be had in trading him. Why this?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Sip and Parker had a chat with Bill Moos on Friday…what did they learn?

-Moos mentioned that he’d like to have fans at baseball and softball games, but the B1G may not allow that still…and we still have no baseball schedule, anyways…

-What else did we learn from Moos?