Archives for February 9, 2021

The Drive: February 9th, 5:45pm – Big Ten Baseball is NOT back

  • What is wrong with this conference?!?
  • Why doesn’t baseball get the same kind of care that other sports do from this conference?

The Drive: February 9th, 5:25pm – Off air conversations

  • We get real weird off the air
  • Run the ball with the running backs!!

The Drive: February 9th, 5pm – HYPE IS BACK

  • The preseason SP+ numbers came out and Nebraska is……..
  • Reason for optimism?
  • Just remember the WTF factor with Nebraska

The Drive: February 9th, 4:45pm – Baseball Corner

  • MLB released their rules and such for this upcoming season

The Drive: February 9th, 4:25pm – Managing Personalities

  • You knew it was going to be something when he got here
  • Good for Fred though, IMO

The Drive: February 9th, 4pm – Lets talk hoops I guess

  • This sucks, I gotta be honest with you, I don’t 100% get it
  • And I’m not sure Fred Hoiberg does either

The Drive: February 9th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Get Rico’d

The Drive: February 9th, 3:25pm – Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Happer giving up his “free time” for a dog, thoughts?
  • New football analysts
  • Offensive line progression

The Drive: February 9th, 3pm – Opening Drive

  • Cats vs Dogs
  • Not a dog person?
  • Baby person?

The Recruiting Hour: February 9th – Closing Segment

  • New additions to the Nebraska football staff
  • New offers sent out

The Recruiting Hour: February 9th – No Guest

  • Attrition and returners and recruits needed following this next season
  • 2022 football recruiting class
  • Happers spreadsheets!

The Recruiting Hour: February 9th – Opening Segment

  • National Pizza day and Cream Cheese pizza thoughts
  • Nebrasketball had a chance but was struggling