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The Drive: January 25th, 4:45pm – Whats in the Box (Raising Canes)

  • Guess Movie, Win Chicken
  • Happer Movie Monday

The Drive: January 25th, 4:25pm – Is there a gray area for you right now with Nebraska football?

  • Are you concerned that things might not work but also think things might work?
  • Do you just believe that nothing will work?
  • Do you think things will work? (liar)
  • They are definitely going to play the NCAA tournament this year

The Drive: January 25th, 4pm – Tennessee over the last 10 years has made Nebraska look like a very functional place

  • Tennessee has been a DUMPSTER FIRE of craziness
  • Bill Moos actually applies a little bit of pressure to Frost and Co.

The Drive: January 25th, 3:45pm – What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

  • Rico might be stuck at the station but he is here for some fun stuff

The Drive: January 25th, 3:25pm – Robin Washut (HuskerOnline)

  • The New York Giants and Eli Manning are the only reason Tom Brady isn’t the slam dunk number one best player ever
  • When will we see Nebrasketball back on the court?
  • What can we expect the schedule to look like when that happens?

The Drive: January 25th, 3pm – The Opening Drive

  • Schaefer stays and the guys talk about snow days and how kids still take online classes during them

The Recruiting Hour: January 25th – Closing Segment

  • So much snow
  • Where would Matthew Stafford or Deshaun Watson be better

The Recruiting Hour: January 25th – No Guest

  • Happers neighbors are very nice and he doesn’t know how to repay them
  • NFL Playoffs/Conference Championship games

The Recruiting Hour: January 25th – Opening Segment

  • Avante Dickerson decommits from Minnesota
  • The state of Nebraska is gaining traction in the recruiting world

DP & Stephens: The Leftovers

We finish up Monday’s show with the Leftovers?

Should Jacksonville draft a WR?

Be safe and we will talk to you tomorrow.

DP & Stephens: Picks of Density

We check out how all of us did last week on our picks…Rico is happy because he did the best.

DP & Stephens: Tom’s Ten

Tom gives us his best performances from the past weekend.

10. Tom Brady

9. Bam Adebayo

8. Travis Kelce/Tyreek Hill

7. Damian Lillard

6. Chris Godwin

5. Shaq Barrett

4. Devin White

3. Dustin Poirier

2. Husker Volleyball

1.Patrick Mahomes