Archives for January 20, 2021

The Drive: January 20th, 5:45pm – Wrapping things up

  • Adrian Martinez running stats
  • Ending the show

The Drive: January 20th, 5:25pm – Maybe now Nebraska can start acting like a Big Ten school

  • I never agreed with the idea that you need to be “like” these other schools
  • But maybe I was wrong
  • I do think these systems work

The Drive: January 20th, 5pm – Am I wrong to be really excited about Thomas Fidone

  • I understand there’s not much optimism about the offense right now
  • But Fidone is really exciting
  • And his confidence is….something

The Drive: January 20th, 4:45pm – What’s in the Box (Raising Cane’s)

  • Guess Movie, Win Chicken
  • Rico Movie Wednesday

The Drive: January 20th, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • No more Mahomes watch?
  • Tennessee situation
  • Thomas Fidone excitement

The Drive: January 20th, 4pm – Why are TV executives so obsessed with having big sporting events on Mondays?

  • March Madness schedule has the championship game on a Monday…WHY??
  • Tonight was supposed to be Nebrasketball vs Minnesota
  • Are there changes coming to the State Basketball tournament?

The Drive: January 20th, 3:45pm – What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

  • Rico missed Happer

The Drive: January 20th, 3:25pm – Sam McKewon (Omaha World Herald)

  • NFL Talk
  • Leaning on the defense and reducing the QBs responsibilities?
  • Offenses weapons, how do they look?
  • Turning into a B1G team?

The Drive: January 20th, 3pm – The Opening Drive

  • Happer was gone the last couple days and felt like an idiot over the weekend

The Recruiting Hour: January 20th – Texts and Calls

  • Answering questions

The Recruiting Hour: January 20th – Brian Christopherson (Husker247)

  • Early Enrollees
  • Who do you believe could play early?
  • Where does Nebraska Football sit after that crazy week of players leaving and players coming back/in

The Recruiting Hour: January 20th – Opening Segment

  • Happer guesses the early enrollees
  • Which freshman could make an impact early on?