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The Drive: January 15th, 5:45pm – Wrap things up

  • Answering text line questions
  • Ending the week

The Drive: January 15th, 5:25pm – Steven M. Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Was this a good week for Nebraska Football?
  • Defense should be pretty good next year, how will this effect the offense?
  • does the QB room need a reset?

The Drive: January 15th, 5pm – Has this been a good or a bad week for Husker Football

  • I want to say good, I think
  • Maybe your path to winning has become a little bit more clear?

The Drive: January 15th, 4:45pm – Whats in the Box (Raising Canes)

  • Guess Movie, Win Chicken
  • Mark Movie Friday

The Drive: January 15th, 4:25pm – Alex B. Smith (

  • How to make money on this amazing weekend of football
  • Betting on Hockey??

The Drive: January 15th, 4pm – Oh no, another comparative Nebraska Football deep dive from the last 20 years

  • This time from Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha world Herald
  • It really is amazing that Nebraska hasn’t been able to figure it out in just ONE YEAR since 2001

The Drive: January 15th, 3:45pm – What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

  • Rico is trying to make things easier on solo Happer

The Drive: January 15th, 3:25pm – NFL Divisional Round coming up – and it should be a ton of fun

  • Ravens go to Buffalo
  • Browns coming off a big win against Pittsburgh travel to Arrowhead to meet Mahomes and Co.
  • The Rams and that great defense are off to the frozen tundra to play the (possible) MVP Aaron Rodgers and the Packers
  • The History Channel presents Brees vs Brady

The Drive: January 15th, 3pm – Some really interesting/weird things from Jonathan Rutledge in The Athletic

  • Mitch Sherman caught up with him for an “exit interview”
  • Should Nebraska dedicate one of it’s 10 full time assistants to coach ST?
  • Commitment to Special Teams?

The Recruiting Hour: January 15th – Texts and Calls

  • Answering statements from the text line
  • Wrapping up the weeke

The Recruiting Hour: January 15th – Allan Bell (Sportsline)

  • Most exciting match up in the NFL Playoffs this weekend
  • Favorite DFS QB for this weekend
  • Money to be made in sports that you don’t know or follow very well?
  • NHL Gambling

The Recruiting Hour: January 15th – Opening Segment

  • Ben Stille returning for another year!
  • That’s Five returning seniors (all on defense)
  • In-State talent has given some good production since Frost and Co. have taken over