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Husker After Party Postgame Show: November 27th, Iowa

  • Jake and DP break down a crushing 26-20 loss to Iowa, the 6th straight against the Hawkeyes.


-Iowa State vs. Texas

-Northwestern vs. Michigan State

-Notre Dame vs. UNC

-Nebraska vs. Iowa

-Colts vs. Titans

-Chiefs vs. Bucs

Lee Sterling (Paramount Sports) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Notre Dame (-4’) vs. UNC

-Northwestern (-12) vs. Michigan St

-Iowa (-14) vs. Nebraska

-Miami (-7) vs. Jets

-KC (-3) vs. Tampa Bay

-Game of the Week: Indianapolis (-3) vs. Tennessee

Can Nebraska stop the run today against Iowa at all?

-Iowa has gotten the run game figured out the past 3 games, with Tyler Goodson and Mekhi Sargent, and they’re using a pummeling offensive line in doing so

-Nebraska’s defensive line laid down and died against Illinois, and generated no pass rush, either. Not a great optic for trying to stop a good rushing team like the Hawkeyes

Is Northwestern going to go undefeated ahead of the Big Ten Championship game?

-The Wildcats are 5-0, with games ahead against Michigan State, Minnesota and Illinois..

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Nebrasketball is 2 games into their season already…what’s the takeaway?

-McNeese State on Wednesday and Nevada yesterday…how did the new Husker squad look?

-Is there belief that Nebrasketball could save the state for sports in this year of bad football?

It’s gameday! Is Nebraska going to show up today or lay an egg on the road?

-Iowa has won 3 straight games by 20+ points, and Nebraska just lost by 18 to Illinois. So, things don’t feel too great for a program that has lost to the Hawkeyes 5 straight times. But…that’s why they play the game

-Don’t you think it would incline Husker players to not be viewed as the laughingstock of the conference? Or is that too positive on our behalf?