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DP & Stephens: November 18th, 12pm – Lance Harvell (Nebraska Baseball assistant coach)

  • Coach Harvell joins the show to talk about the Husker baseball recruiting class and the upcoming season

DP & Stephens: November 18th, 11:45am – Blog Jog (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

  • Rico jogs the blogs on his BIRTHDAY

DP & Stephens: November 18th, 11:25am – Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Basnett joins the guys to talk about Nebraska football, incorporating the younger guys, Nebraska Basketball, the Golden Window and the possibility of a Big Ten basketball schedule being released today

DP & Stephens: November 18th, 11am – Bock is in for Tom

  • Hello Bock
  • NBA Draft Day
  • Nebraska Basketball

The Recruiting Hour: November 18th – Wrapping up the show

  • Ru’Quan Buckley
  • Nebraska commits in danger or decommitting?
  • Wedding Registry adds

The Recruiting Hour: November 18th – No Guest

  • Big Ten standings

The Recruiting Hour: November 18th – Opening Segment

  • Something Or Nothing

How pumped are people for Nebrasketball this season?

-It’s a legitimate question, after a season that ended in a 17-game losing streak, but also a team that added players that sat out and other transfers, too

-The Bryce McGowens signing is certainly big for energy, but what about this year?

Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Does this Husker defense seem ahead of ones of the past, or do you still have big questions?

-What is the fix for Nebraska’s second half woes and also their problems in the red zone?

-Northwestern plays Wisconsin this weekend…

If Nebraska’s offense comes to life against Illinois, will you believe it’s been fixed going forward, or that it’s just because it’s Illinois?

-Nebraska has had some great offensive performances against Illinois under Lovie Smith as head coach. They are averaging 48 points per game against the Illini in the Smith era

-So..if Nebraska has a big offensive game and puts up big yards and points…is that because the offense is fixed, or because Illinois’ defense is bad? Surely you wouldn’t expect a huge output against Iowa next week…right? What would show real progress and what would show that their defense was just bad?

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Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-Nebraska is winless no more…how much does that monkey off the back help them to play looser on Saturday and going forward?

-What was your assessment of Luke McCaffrey’s game against Penn State and his outlook ahead?

-Saturday was the first really good special teams performance of the year…can they repeat the success?