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DP & Stephens: October 5th, 1:45pm – The Leftovers

  • Getting to all the things that were not mentioned during the show

DP & Stephens: October 5th, 1:25pm – Evric Gray (former UNLV and NBA player)

  • How does a former NBA player see the NBA Finals
  • LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro

DP & Stephens: October 5th, 1pm – Lance Harvell (Assistant Coach Nebraska baseball)

  • How has the Husker baseball team fared through getting their season cut short and getting so many new players

DP & Stephens: October 5th, 12:45pm – Wing Man

  • Monday Movie Mania

DP & Stephens: October 5th, 12:25pm – Picks of Density recap

  • Recapping how the guys picks went

DP & Stephens: October 5th, 12pm – Johnny Holliday (Voice of Maryland Football/Basketball)

  • Rest in Peace Bob Gibson
  • The games we love have changed

DP & Stephens: October 5th, 11:45am – Blog Jog (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

  • Mark is in to jog the blogs

DP & Stephens: October 5th, 11:25am – Steven M. Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)/Toms 10

  • Whats going on within the Nebraska football team
  • Toms 10 – Best winners of the weekend

DP & Stephens: October 5th, 11am – NFL Recap and Monday Night picks

  • Jake and Rico join the show to recap the NFL weekend and pick who wins this Monday night

Two Monday Night football games tonight for the 2nd time this year…what a beautiful sight

-Cam Newton tested positive for COVID on Saturday, and forced the Patriots/Chiefs game to move to Monday night, where it will air on CBS just ahead of the normal ESPN Monday Night game

-This is…a big loss for ESPN. Most eyes will want to see Patriots/Chiefs compared to Falcons/Packers, although they can still see the 2nd half of that game when the first one ends

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Braxton Clark apparently may be out for the season for Nebraska football…how much does that affect secondary depth? / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Scott Frost said Friday that Clark will miss time and could be out for the year with an injury, and he was someone who was supposed to play quite a bit in 2020

-How is the depth there without him now? How much of a loss is it for the unit?

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Looks like it might be the Gray-Ham Mertz show for Wisconsin against Nebraska! Is that good or bad for the Huskers?

-Incumbent starting QB Jack Coan injured his foot in practice this weekend, and is undergoing surgery, and will be out indefinitely

-Nebraska plays the Badgers on October 31, the second game of their season. Coan might be back by then, but possibly not. Who becomes the favorite in the West if he can’t go? Or will Mertz show that he’s ready to take the job finally?

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