Archives for July 28, 2020

The Drive: July 28th, 5:45pm – Wrap things up

  • Rico makes wild NBA predictions
  • Blazers – Heat in the Finals according to him

The Drive: July 28th, 5:25pm – Nationals vote not to play in Miami

  • The Washington Nationals voted between the players to not play in Miami following multiple positive tests on the Miami roster
  • Who gets the win, who gets the loss?

The Drive: July 28th, 5pm – Everyone is lying to themselves about the importance sports play in high schools

  • National HS sports governing body would not support transfers out of district if certain sports/teams shut down
  • Just admit it, kids make decisions based on their athletic careers. And probably shouldn’t be held in the confines of a school district assigned to them based on where they live

The Drive: July 28th, 4:45pm – Have people learned to live without sports?

  • It’s been so long without them, is this the new normal?
  • Cord cutting and streaming services

The Drive: July 28th, 4:25pm – Travis Fisher, what are you looking for in DBs?

  • Ricos “Whats Poppin” Mad Lib is live!
  • Travis Fisher always going after not highly recruited players…what does he see?
  • Positive COVID tests in sports already…

The Drive: July 28th, 4pm – Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Waiting for a NCAA/B1G announcement
  • Week 0 sounds like a good idea
  • Nadab Joseph is here!

The Drive: July 28th, 3:45pm – What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

  • Rico loves foreign animals

The Drive: July 28th, 3:25pm – College Football….bubbles?

  • Let’s just think about this for a second. What in the world would this look like?
  • You would first have to get over the fact that these aren’t “student-athletes” they’re athletes first. It would be a hard thing to get over
  • Hub cities? Could you do it?

The Drive: July 28th, 3pm – Patrick Mahomes is now a part owner of the Kansas City Royals

  • When it’s all said and done, there’s going to be no other athlete more synonymous with a city than Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City

The Drive: July 28th, 2:45pm – Man cuts off toes with lawn mower

  • A Lincoln man cut off his toes while mowing and was looking for them
  • What is the most important digit, fingers and toes

The Drive: July 28th, 2:25pm – Sean Bock (Hawkeye Insider 247 Sports)

  • Has Iowa capitalized so far off of the Iowa 2021 crop?
  • Warren Academy

The Drive: July 28th, 2pm – Lous Wills chicken wings

  • Are they actually that good?
  • The pictures of the wings make them look delicious
  • Rico didn’t get spicy chicken from Popeyes and Happer is upset