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The Drive: July 13th, 5:45pm – Wrap things up

  • Rico gives his take on playing in the bubble or not

The Drive: July 13th, 5:25pm – Would YOU sit out a return to play? Does that differ depending on the sport/pro/college? Does being in a bubble change that?

  • Would you play in the bubble?
  • Money isn’t an issue

The Drive: July 13th, 5pm – Redskins name change (What does it mean for Chiefs, Braves, Seminoles, etc)

  • This one makes sense, this name is racist and derogatory, the others, I’m not to sure about it.
  • Everyone is offended, but are the people who should be offended making any noise?

The Drive: July 13th, 4:45pm – What’s in the Box (Raisin’ Cane’s)

  • Guess Movie, Win Chicken
  • Bock Movie Monday

The Drive: July 13th, 4:25pm – Rondo photo appropriate?

  • NBA players are complaining about their amenities at Disney World
  • Is it tone def for millionaire to complain about being waited on while the world struggles?

The Drive: July 13th, 4pm – Was the Shrine Bowl this weekend a sign of what is possible

  • High School football in Kearney, NE was the first football game to be played since quarantine hit
  • Can this success show that football can be played?

The Drive: July 13th, 3:45pm – What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

  • Rico is the only constant on this show

The Drive: July 13th, 3:25pm – Robin Washut (HuskerOnline)

  • How does the news regarding non-con football change your perspective on basketball season?
  • Any updates on international players?

The Drive: July 13th, 3pm – Thoughts on conference only play

  • Bock, what do you think?

The Recruiting Hour: July 13th – Ending the Show

  • Wrapping up the show

The Recruiting Hour: July 13th – Coronavirus and the Big Ten

  • How did Bruntz take the Big Tens news about going conference only?

The Recruiting Hour: July 13th – Opening Segment

  • Michael Bruntz joins the show as the first guest host of mystery guest host week
  • How do these new recruits change the makeup of the Huskers?