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DP & Stephens: July 10th, 1:45pm – The Leftovers

  • Everything the guys didn’t get to during the show

DP & Stephens: July 10th, 1:25pm – Evan Bland (Omaha World Herald)

  • Evan joins the show to talk about Nebraska athletics

DP & Stephens: July 10th, 1pm – Joe Lunardi (NCAA Basketball guru)

  • Joe Lunardi speaks on the current state of college basketball and his views on basketball teams in the state of Nebraska

DP & Stephens: July 10th, 12:45pm – Wing Man

  • Theme Song Friday

DP & Stephens: July 10th, 12:25pm – Toms 10

  • Top 2020 NFL runningbacks

DP & Stephens: July 10th, 12pm – Mitch Sherman (ESPN/Omaha World Herald)

  • Mitch Sherman speaks on Husker football

DP & Stephens: July 10th, 11:45am – Blog Jog (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

  • Rico jogs with the guys

DP & Stephens: July 10th, 11:25am – Sean Callahan (HuskerOnline)

  • Sean Callahan joins the show to talk about Husker Athletics

DP & Stephens: July 10th, 11am – Big 10 conference schedule

  • Congratulations! We did it!

Aging Gracefully (sponsored by Carriage Glen Independent Living 55+)

-What’s on Sip’s mind this week as he tries to learn to age gracefully through life?

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Is it really beneficial to Nebraska to play at Rutgers and for Penn State to travel here instead of playing regional teams instead? / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Nebraska still has Rutgers on the schedule to travel to. If we’re truly concerned about COVID-19 as a reason to cancel the non-conference, how does it make sense to make that trip and not stay in Midwest?

Show sponsored by CARTRIDGE WORLD

Now the question comes…will everyone follow the Big Ten’s lead and cancel non-conference games or not?

-What happens if the SEC says they want to play all their games still? Will teams still make the trip, or will they be required to forfeit if they say they don’t want to play?

-Will Nebraska attempt to reschedule the non-conference games they are losing in upcoming years or not? What happens to the revenue? Will it be a 10 game season or will they make it a 12 game season? Lots of questions for the Big Ten and all the other conferences, but the big step has been made

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