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The Drive: July 7th, 5:45pm – Wrap things up

  • 50 movies with the most IMDB viewer votes…how many have you seen?
  • Ending the show

The Drive: July 7th, 5:25pm – Birthdays!

  • Offense improves (scores more) then the defense improves
  • Deandre Hopkins did a tweet trolling the Texans
  • Birthdays!

The Drive: July 7th, 5pm – More Martinez Talk

  • Martinez was great his freshman ear and slumped his sophomore year…what all needs to go right for him to look good?
  • Offense vs Defense

The Drive: July 7th, 4:45pm – ADRIAN MARTINEZ IS BACK

  • According to CBS Sports

The Drive: July 7th, 4:25pm – John Gaskins (Harry Canary for the Sioux Falls Canaries)

  • Former 93.7 The Ticket host John Gaskins is up in one of the few places where sports is being played and has created a Harry Carey impersonation for the team

The Drive: July 7th, 4pm – 247 Sports Preseason poll: How will the Big Ten shake out?

  • Nebraska gets the slight edge over Purdue, but the gap is still large between them and Wisconsin/Minnesota/Iowa
  • Are you surprised at that? I sort of am.
  • I think if you polled more people the spread of first place votes would be wider
  • Coach of the year?
  • Everyone thinks there will be parity in the West, but the votes didn’t turn out that way?

The Drive: July 7th, 3:45pm – What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

  • Rico looked around and found some things, here he is sharing them with you

The Drive: July 7th, 3:25pm – Which NFL team has the worst QB’s of All-Time

  • Mitchell Trubisky was trending with Patrick Mahomes…the Bears have a tragic QB history.
  • Are there any worse?

The Drive: July 7th, 3pm – The Ivy League is not the boss of me

  • Can someone explain to me why the Big Ten, or any major college football conference, would give a single crap about how the IVY LEAGUE does football?

The Drive: July 7th, 2:45pm – Nebraska Basketball is excited about their LENGTH!

  • So much so, they tweeted a graphic today!
  • How is Dalano Banton a thing?

The Drive: July 7th, 2:25pm – Patrick Mahomes’ deal is one of a kind

  • He’s 24. Why didn’t he go the NBA route and take the short term and then test the market again in 4 years? He’ll only be 28.
  • Here’s why: Because why not lock him up until he’s 31? He’s not going to be limping around like an old man! The youth is the key here.

The Drive: July 7th, 2pm – Desean Jackson quotes Hitler

  • Yikes, fam