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The Drive: June 24th, 5:45pm – Wrap things up

  • Who has won the most during the coronavirus shutdown?
  • Finish off the show

The Drive: June 24th, 5:25pm – This Day in Sports + Birthdays

  • FULLBACKS and the military
  • 2010 – John Isner defeated Nicolas Mahut after 11 hours and 183 games. The sets were 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7-9), 7-6 (7-3) and 70-68
  • 2004 – NBA Draft: Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy power forward Dwight Howard was picked number one overall by the Orlando Magic
  • 1997 – Mark McGwire hits a 538 foot homerun

The Drive: June 24th, 5pm – Is Scott Frost on a modified version of the hot seat

  • He shows up on a list of coaches with the most pressure, and I’m with that. But it’s not a “you’re gonna get fired” type of pressure
  • It’s more of a “this job is going to get really hard if they’re not better this year” pressure

The Drive: June 24th, 4:45pm – Whats in the Box

  • Guess Movie, Win Chicken
  • Rico Movies Wednesday

The Drive: June 24th, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz

  • Michael Bruntz of 247Sports joins to talk about baseball and their fantastic crootin’

The Drive: June 24th, 4pm – Nebraska getting former scholarship players to walk on

  • Nebraska convincing former scholarship players transferring from other schools to walk on is actually pretty impressive
  • College Football playoff odds are out

The Drive: June 24th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Rico has world news to share

The Drive: June 24th, 3:25pm – MLB finally coming back, here are the details

  • 60 games, “Spring Training” starts 7/1, Opening Day 7/23-24
  • 40 games against divisional foes, 20 vs other league equivalent (AL East vs NL East, etc.)
  • 30 players on active roster, slowly declining as season goes on. Have 60 at disposal
  • Universal DH
  • Fans allowed?
  • MLB reserves the right to move teams based on area health measures and restrictions
  • Does it matter?

The Drive: June 24th, 3pm – WDYDLN

  • What Did You Do Last Night?

The Recruiting Hour: June 24th – Texts and Calls

  • Schaefer and Happer answer your questions

The Recruiting Hour: June 24th – Barron Miles

  • Former Husker DB Barron Miles joins the show to talk about his son committing to the team and his thoughts on Nebraskas current status

The Recruiting Hour: June 24th – Opening Segment

  • Guessing the top schools for recruits
  • 3-stars vs 4-stars for Frost and Co.