Archives for June 8, 2020

The Drive: June 8th, 5pm

  • JD Spielman news
  • NEW BIT!!! Schaefer, have you heard of this pop culture person?
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: June 8th, 4pm

  • COVID and the NCAA…whats the plan?
  • The Iowa thing
  • What’s in the Box (Raisin’ Cane’s)

The Drive: June 8th, 3pm

  • JD Spielman is leaving Nebraska!!
  • Robin Washut (HuskerOnline)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Recruiting Hour: June 8th

  • Opening Segment
  • Derek Martin – Radio Host KMA in Iowa (30:35)
  • Texts and Calls

DP & Stephens: The Leftovers

-Nunes UFC GOAT status

-McGregor retirement


DP & Stevens: DP talks about his experiences in his life

-DP talks about his wife and how things are different in their relationship

DP & Stephens: Tom’s 10 Favorite Sports Moments

-Stephens breaks down his top 10 favorite sports moments of all time.

DP & Stephens: Wing Man! Monday Movie Mania.

-After the game show the guys talk Nebraska’s receiver situation


DP & Stephens: Iowa Sucks Coaches Speak Out. Goodell. Brees

-The guys talk about the Iowa situation

-DP talks about his experiences in his past


DP & Stephens: Johnny Holiday

DP & Stevens: The Blog Jog

-The guys talk about their first memories of riding bikes

-Mark finds a blog talking about how the NCAA might handle paying for likeness and how Nebraska might handle it

-Conner McGregor retires… again


DP & Stephens: Steve Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)

-DP & Stephens ask Sipple about the situation in Iowa with Chris Doyle

-Will this effect Iowa’s program moving forward?

-How will it effect college football moving forward?