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The Drive: March 24th, 5pm

  • Do you remember?
  • If you could be in high school during a certain time period, when would it be?
  • Bill Moos speaks
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: March 24th, 4pm

  • Nebrasketball schedules a game against K-State…in Kansas City!
  • Cam Newton is cut…where he goin?
  • Tradition vs Gimmick

The Drive: March 24th, 3pm

  • What did you do last night?
  • Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Recruiting Hour: March 24th

  • Under Inspection
  • Ryan Burns – 247Sports (8:34)
  • Nebraska players that had a better career than anticipated
  • Texts and Calls

The DP & Stephens Show: March 24th, 1pm

  • Tom’s 10: Greatest upsets in NCAA Tournament history
  • Brian Christopherson: Husker247
  • The Leftovers

The DP & Stephens Show: March 24th, 12pm

  • Great moments in Husker Football history
  • Alexa Gray joins the program
  • Wing Man! Random Trivia Tuesday

The DP & Stephens Show: March 24th, 11am

  • Sports radio in a world without sports!
  • Nate Clouse:
  • Blog Jog

Here’s a list of games that were on ESPN the Ocho on Sunday…could Sip beat Jake in any of them?

-These are examples of the events that aired:  ax throwing, cornhole, spikeball, putt-putt, stone-skipping, sport stacking, sign-spinning, hamburger eating, brat eating, cherry-pit spitting, arm wrestling (probably advantage Sip), and dodgeball

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Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Dachon Burke enters the transfer portal, joining Jervay Green and Cam Mack (going pro)…how many more guys are you expecting to see leave the program, and how soon?

-Nebrasketball is apparently in on Ohio State transfer guard D.J. Carton…how real are their chances to get him?

-Millard North’s Saint Thomas goes from unranked to a 3-star on Rivals…will Hoiberg and crew be in on him or not?

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If you’re the New England Patriots this year, are you tanking for Trevor, or trying to prove you can win without Tom Brady?

-It’s going to be fascinating to see what Bill Belichick does; will his pride get in the way to try and get as many wins as possible with (possibly) Brian Hoyer at QB? Or will he give Tom Brady this first year of his 2 year contract and take the heat from critics, until he tanks enough to get Trevor Lawrence and rebuild the dynasty again? Lots to think about there

-Also, here’s your stat of the day: with Jameis Winston not returning to the Bucs, that now makes 24 QBs drafted in the history of the Bucs…and ZERO QBs signed to a second contract ever. Unreal.

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Jake thinks his Dolphins could convince the idiot Bill O’Brien to trade Deshaun Watson to Miami

-That’s right—the IDIOT Bill O’Brien. The Texans have lost a lot this offseason in trades and free agents, and appear to be rebuilding. Watson is a VERY good QB and still young, but the Texans don’t appear to be going to the right direction. Could the Dolphins offer enough first rounders to get Watson in Miami?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):

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Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-Favorite coaching memory with Bo Pelini, whether in practice or in a game?

-You coached at Iowa and Nebraska…what things is Iowa better at that Nebraska can work on and get better at?

-Favorite Nebraska assistant you worked with in the past, and why?

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