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The Drive: January 21st, 5pm

  • What is on Matt Lubick’s to do list for his first season as Nebraska’s OC?
  • Jeter into the Hall of Fame along with Larry Walker, but Jeter was 1 vote shy of unanimous
  • Hockey in Nebraska, why not?
  • Delonte West
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: January 21st, 4pm

  • Some of Nebraska’s divisional foes were ravaged by early entrants into the NFL Draft
  • Nebraska opens the 2023 season AT Minnesota
  • Nebrasketball is in for a slog tonight against Wisconsin
  • The NFL is going to do the draft inside the Bellagio fountain in Vegas next year

The Drive: January 21st, 3pm

  • Schaefer stays in to talk Derek Jeter and the MLB HOF
  • Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Recruiting Hour: January 21st

  • Under Inspection
  • Michael Bruntz – Huskers247 (25:31)
  • Texts and Calls

The DP & Stephens Show: January 21st, 1pm

  • Nebraska is 96th in the Directors Cup
  • Brian Christopherson (Huskers247)
  • This day in NFL History

The DP & Stephens Show: January 21st, 12pm

  • What does this season mean for Nebraska Hoops?
  • DP’s Film Room – Nebraska vs Minnesota
  • Wing Man

The DP & Stephens Show: January 21st, 11am

  • How would we grade the hire of new Nebraska OC Matt Lubick
  • Nate Clouse (HuskerOnline)
  • Blog Jog (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

There’s an online petition going around to move Super Bowl Sunday in upcoming years to Saturday…would you sign that?

-The petition points at that it would make an event that’s already extremely popular to be more beneficial to all parties—no worries about the majority of the public having to work the next day…more productive Mondays in the office…and restaurants/bars would benefit more, too, with people staying out later after the game instead of heading right home. Would you sign that?

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Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-What went wrong for Nebrasketball on Saturday night in their home loss to Indiana?

-The squad heads out to Madison tonight for an 8pm game against the Badgers…any chance at an upset?

-Are you on the Steve Pikiell hype train at Rutgers?

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New Nebraska OC Matt Lubick speaks on Sports Nightly…what did we learn?

-Lubick spoke last night…did he make a good first impression? Buying what he’s selling? What concerns do you have about him and his resume?

-Also, Minnesota football reveals 2023 season opener hosting Nebraska…on a Thursday. Would you approve?

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Rutgers men’s basketball is ranked in the AP Top 25 poll for the first time in 41 years…how can you not root for them?

-If you’ve listened to this show, you know Jake is all in on Steve Pikiell at Rutgers and hoping that they make it to the NCAA Tournament and do well. How couldn’t you? How does Sip feel about all this? And also…have you seen lately who is dead last in the ACC? It’s….North Carolina. What happened?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):

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Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-FootballScoop reports that Bo Pelini is a strong candidate to go back to LSU to be their defensive coordinator…is he as good as Dave Aranda was?

-This would lead some to believe that Bo could be ready to get back into head coaching in the Division 1 ranks (after a few years) at LSU…are you surprised he hasn’t been at a D1 job since getting fired at Nebraska?

-Chiefs/49ers for the Super Bowl in just under 2 weeks…which team do you like more in that game?

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