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The Drive: December 3rd, 5pm

  • What were the comparable programs to Nebraska in the 2010s?
    • What’s on tap for 2020?
  • Looking back at how Nebraska’s redshirts shook out

The Drive: December 3rd, 4pm

  • Nebraska basketball begins a tough stretch of road games tomorrow at Georgia Tech
  • NFL Reaction/Overreaction
  • Big Ten announces their defensive awards

The Drive: December 3rd, 3pm

  • Let’s take a crack at predicting the Big Ten awards that will be released today
  • Parker Gabriel, Lincoln Journal Star
  • What’s Poppin’, brought to you by Barney Insurance

The Recruiting Hour: December 3rd

  • Allen Trieu, 247Sports
  • Recruiting update
  • Questions from the listeners
  • Big Ten Championship Game thoughts

Cyza & Stephens: December 3rd, 1pm

  • Can Nebraska be the next Minnesota? Would you take a similar turnaround?
  • Brian Christopherson: Huskers247
  • Wrap it up

Cyza & Stephens: December 3rd, 12pm

  • How much better does Nebraska stand to gain in special teams and what could it do if it was better?
  • Big Ten Blitz: Season Awards
  • Wing Man

Cyza & Stephens: December 3rd, 11am

  • Off the Top: How much attrition do you expect with Nebraska this offseason?
  • Nate Clouse: HuskerOnline
  • Blog Jog (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

How busy do we expect the transfer portal to be for Nebraska this offseason?

-How many guys should we expect to be putting their names in the portal? None so far…but the season just ended. Will it be a lot of names or just a few? Big names, or guys buried on depth charts?


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Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-How do you define the 2019 Nebraska football season, and how will it be remembered?

-Nebrasketball has games against Georgia Tech (tomorrow) and Creighton (Saturday)…can they win either?

-Shamiel Stevenson officially is ineligible to play this season…how much would he have helped?


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Is staff continuity vital for Nebraska football this offseason, or is there validity in looking at changes?

-Fans will always demand changes when the team isn’t winning; that’s the way of sports. Let’s take a look at different areas, though. The popular names brought up for frustration are Jovann Dewitt (outside linebackers/special teams), Troy Walters (WR/OC), and Erik Chinander (DC). How valid are the complaints, though? Jake and Sip are defenders of Chinander. What about Walters and Dewitt, though?

-Special teams was terrible this year. But does Dewitt deserve another year to fix that? And what about WR development? The other areas on the team really don’t get a ton of desire to replace coaches…


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A shocker in the college football world: Chris Petersen steps down at Washington

-Petersen announced he’ll step down after the season and take on an advisory role with the school, and defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake will take over as the new coach. There’s no way Petersen actually sticks around as an advisor and doesn’t get another big time coaching job…right?

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Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-Nebraska comes back from a 14 point deficit but loses on a FG to Iowa…what were your main takeaways following that game?

-Nebraska loses Darrion Daniels, Khalil Davis and Carlos Davis from the defensive line…how hard is it to replace 3 seniors, based on your experience coaching in the trenches?

-How can Nebraska assistants fight against other programs negative recruiting the program and still keeping/landing commitments?


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