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The Drive: August 16th, 5pm

  • Choosing a song for the montage
  • Replay of previous montages
  • RED ALERT: More Luke hype
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: August 16th, 4pm

  • Steve Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • RED ALERT: Nebraska is no longer the consensus West winner
  • More Luke hype
  • Fake person behind
  • What’s in the Box (Raisin’ Canes)

The Drive: August 16th, 3pm

  • We have officially arrived at the not so fun parts of fall camp
  • Snowver/Under
  • Fake Sipple by the callers
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Recruiting Hour: August 16th

  • Opening Kick
  • Max Olson – The Athletic (In-Studio all show)
  • Texts and Calls

Cyza and Stephens: August 16th, 1pm

More audio from today’s practice

Sean Callahan: HuskerOnline


Cyza and Stephens: August 16th, 12pm

Scott Frost Audio

Streaking the Quad

Wing Man

Cyza and Stephens: August 16th, 11am

Where does the biggest concern for Nebraska lie?

Sean Callahan: HuskerOnline

Blog Jog

AGING GRACEFULLY (sponsored by Carriage Glen Independent Living): What’s bothering Sip now?

-It’s the latest installment of our weekly series on aging gracefully….what ideas does Sip have this week based on what he’s seen lately in his life? Can Jake and the listeners help him out?


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Ohio State wants to trademark the word ‘the’ in front of their name…what could Nebraska trademark that’s equally as dumb? / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-‘The’ is ONLY the most commonly-used word in the English language! Let’s just go ahead and trademark ‘corn’ while we’re here at Nebraska! Or how about ‘red’?! What a joke.

-And, Shut Up Sipple goes to a Film Friday…how well does Sip know his Ben Affleck trivia? Could a 4-1 week happen?!


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CBS Sports lists 5 Nebraska players in their All-Time First-Team All-American team, and several more in 2nd/honorable mention…what’s the all-time Nebraska team?

-CBS Sports lists Tommie Frazier as the ALL-TIME (!) first-team All-American QB. That’s a hell of a statement and certainly an honor for him. Also on first team were Johnny Rodgers as a punt returner AND all-purpose player; Dave Rimington at center; and Ndamukong Suh on the d-line

-Alex Henery was listed as 2nd-team kicker; Will Shields as 2nd-team OL; Rich Glover as 2nd-team DL; Dominic Raiola as honorable mention center; and Aaron Taylor as honorable mention. Those guys definitely make the all-Nebraska team, too…but who else makes it all-time?


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Should we start being concerned about Kyler Murray in Arizona?

-Murray was miserable last night in the first half, getting sacked twice and causing 2 false starts, while falling behind 26-0 to Oakland. How concerned should Cardinals fans be?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY: (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):


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Who will be the bigger weapon on offense this year: Maurice Washington or Wan’Dale Robinson?

-This is all assuming that Maurice is cleared to play the whole season with the case in California still hanging in the balance—and that’s obviously not guaranteed. But, in a perfect world…

-Both are capable runners, and both are capable pass catchers. Who will be the most relied upon and dynamic of the two? Are they completely similar players, or are there differences that help separate one above the other? Maurice does have one year of experience under his belt already…


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