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The Drive: July 23rd, 5pm

  • Nebraska isn’t catching anybody off guard this year, or probably ever again
  • I’m not sure there’s a good way for Nebraska to have 6 wins this year
  • How the f*** are we still evaluating Nebraska/Iowa as a rivalry in 2019?!
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: July 23rd, 4pm

  • A lot of talk about divisions and which one is the better/will be better
  • Coach draft
  • People are sending dirty underwear to Scott Frost
  • Last Chance U

The Drive: July 23rd, 3pm

  • Thoughts from the basketball today
  • Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Recruiting Hour: July 23rd

  • Opening Splash
  • Mike Sautter – Omaha World Herald
  • Texts and Calls

Cyza and Stephens: July 23rd, 1pm

Tim Duncan back on the bench… as the Spurs assistant coach

Brian Christopherson: Huskers247

Cyza and Stephens: July 23rd, 12pm

We’ll get a tiny look at Nebraska basketball today

Nate Clouse: HuskerOnline

Wing Man

Cyza and Stephens: July 23rd, 11am

Can Nebraska save the Big Ten West?

Big Ten over unders

Blog Jog

Dabo Swinney proves once again why he is the MAN as Clemson’s head coach

-There was a video going around Twitter yesterday that said Dabo would fire any coach of his who didn’t go to their kids’ games, because those are the kinds of dads/coaches he wants on his staff at Clemson. How can you not like this guy? AUDIO:

Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-Biggest takeaways from Big Ten Media Days?

-What exactly should Nebraska fans expect from Wan’Dale Robinson this season?

-When will Nebraska get new football facilities?

Is there any reason why Nebraska shouldn’t begin designing and building new football facilities ASAP?

-There’s been some divide in previous coaching regimes in terms of support of the boosters for Nebraska football, but there’s little divide now, if any. When boosters are in agreement on something, it becomes a lot easier to give it a ‘go’

-If we’re talking about Nebraska making the leap to the top of the Big Ten sooner rather than later, it can happen without great facilities, but it doesn’t need to. You want to make this place great? Then make it great and blow away the conference with a facility. You’ll never have a lakeside practice area like Northwestern has, but you’re also not a forgotten school in a massive city like them

Tim Duncan set to become an assistant coach on Gregg Popovich’s staff…do you see him as an eventual head coach?

-We’ve seen guys like Juwan Howard, Jason Kidd, and Tyronn Lue go from playing in the league to being assistant coaches/head coaches….do you think Duncan would be a good head coach? How could he not…he’s the Big Fundamental!!!


Rondale Moore says Wan’Dale Robinson is a lot like him…and hear comes even more hype for him…

-Moore said at Big Ten Media Days that he and Wan’Dale are built the same and play a similar type of football….and don’t forget that Rondale had 113 catches last season….that seems like way too much to ask for here

-Is Adrian Martinez the only person on the roster that has a higher ceiling as a player than Wan’Dale? Or does Wan’Dale have even a higher ceiling than Adrian?