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The Drive: July 19th, 5pm

  • Bill Moos says 6-6 would be good, Scott Frost says 6-6 would be bad
  • Bill Moos (Nebraska AD)
  • Scott Frost (Nebraska HC)
  • Wrap things Up

The Drive: July 19th, 4pm

  • Did I miss the moment where everyone decided they want to shake the divisions up again?
  • Ben Bredeson (Michigan OL)
  • Matt Millen (BTN)
  • What’s in the Box (Raisin’ Canes)

The Drive: July 19th, 3pm

  • Joel Klatt (Fox Sports)
  • Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Drive: July 19th, 2pm

  • Joe Gaziano (Northwestern DL)
  • Steve Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)
  • Snover/Under

Cyza & Stephens: July 19th, 1pm

  • Going around the league…
  • Streaking the Quad
  • Maurice Washington update…lack of update

Cyza & Stephens: July 19th, 12pm

  • Should the conference realign, and would you be open to it?
  • Bill Moos on the 6-win goal
  • Zach Duval, most important member aside from Frost?
  • This Tyreek Hill not receiving any punishment slightly bothers me
  • Wing Man

Cyza & Stephens: July 19th, 11am

  • Unpacking Big Ten Media Days
  • Talking to Connor Happer and Jake Sorensen at B1G Media Days
  • Blog Jog (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

Final thoughts/takeaways on B1G Media Days and football season almost being back

-These are always a whirlwind of 2 days, but it’s been fun, and there’s still more to go today—just less than we care about

-What are you interested in seeing/hearing today? Favorite part of yesterday?

Scott Frost doesn’t care that Urban Meyer isn’t at Ohio State and he doesn’t want to help give Ryan Day advice

-Beautiful. Zero *bleeps* given. Frost is focused on his program, and his program only. How great is that?

-More Frost thoughts/audio from Thursday

Bill Moos puts a goal on 6 wins for Nebraska football in 2019—are you surprised to hear that?

-Bill Moos seems to be a ‘big thinker,’ so this seems like a small goal for him. Is he saying that to temper down expectations from getting out of control, or is that genuine?

-Frost discussed his thoughts on Moos saying 6 wins was the goal, and did say that anything less than that would be a failure because he “doesn’t want to spend another Christmas at home until he retires.” Talk about a big quote.

-ESPN’s Bill Connelly’s metrics have Nebraska at 4th best in the West….

Scott Frost apparently listens to The Ticket and has wanted to tell Sipple to ‘Shut Up’ for years

-Coach Frost joined ‘The Drive’ yesterday and at the ending of the interview, he told Happer that he’s jealous of Jake that he gets to say Shut Up Sipple every morning, and thinks he’d refer to Sip as ‘Simple’….it’s beautiful


What’s with this conversation that there should be a change in the divisions in the B1G?

-It’s been a popular conversation at Media Days, and Jake’s not sure why. The West has finally looked like about to be pretty even with the East, so why should there be realignment?

-P.J. Fleck talked in the side session that Jake collected audio from, and he has similar thoughts to Jake—the West is stronger now than it’s been, so why is this a discussion now?