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The Drive: July 15th, 5pm

  • Steve Sipple finally wrote our urgency column, so lets talk about urgency
  • Nebraska with Adrian Martinez are on the clock…
  • Baseball is still hard (short segment)

The Drive: July 15th, 4pm

  • Man of the Weekend
  • According to this list, I am not a millennial. Take that, olds!
  • Well, we know that one person has already picked Nebraska to win the WHOLE DAMN CONFERENCE
  • What’s in the Box (Raisin’ Canes)

The Drive: July 15th, 3pm

  • JULY 15TH!!!!!
  • Robin Washut (HuskerOnline)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Recruiting Hour: July 15th

  • Opening Splash
  • Kenyatta Watson – Under Armour All-Star Game selection committee member (Georgia)
  • Texts and Calls

Cyza and Stephens: July 7th, 1pm

Cyza and Stephens Elite 8 Huskers: Number Three

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Cyza and Stephens: July 7th, 12pm

Frost is the king of town halls

Michigan’s softball coach comes out in support of Rhonda Revelle

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Cyza and Stephens: July 7th, 11am

If you could snap your finger and change one Husker position group for the better, which would it be?

Steve Sipple: Lincoln Journal Star

Blog Jog

Holmes Golf Course

The next stop on the 2019 Early Break Golf Course Tour is another Lincoln public course, Holmes Golf Course! Holmes is another one I’ve been pretty familiar with over the years with various high school tournaments out there, so I always know where I’m going when I’m there, but there’s always various challenges that rise up no matter what.

Holmes starts out with a dogleg left par 5 that has OB way left, and tree trouble right. You can clear the tree trouble with a big drive, though, and have it funnel back toward the fairway. After that, you can go for the green, but it’s protected by a bunker on the left, so go for it at your own risk. Hole 2 goes back up the hill with a slight dogleg left, protected by bunkers again. Hole 3 is a nice mid-range par 3 protected by bunkers, but you can still roll one up there if you mishit it.

Hole 4 is a fun downhill dogleg right par 4. The green is protected by a massive tree, but if you hit your teeshot high enough and far enough, it is drivable, but it comes at your own risk of hitting a tree and having no second shot, or being right in the greenside bunker on the right side of the green. Hole 5 heads back up the hill and if you’re right, you’re dead—if you’re trying to go for the par 4 in two shots. Par is always a good score on 5. Hole 6 heads back down the hill toward Pioneers Blvd., with your teeshot protected both sides of the fairway by trees. Hole 7 heads back up the hill to a blind area, but if you hit your ball straight, you should have a good chance of getting on the green for a birdie.

Hole 8 is a slight dogleg right par 5 that is downhill, so if you bomb a drive, you can easily go for the green in 2, depending on how strong the wind is. If you can stay out of the small cluster of trees on the right side, you should be good. A birdie hole is followed up by what I view as one of the top 5 most challenging holes in Lincoln—-hole 9, an uphill par 3 that plays 235 yards from the tips, and that’s not including the slope or wind or uphill. I often have to hit a 3-wood or a hybrid to get there, and have birdied the hole only once or twice in my life.

The back 9 starts with a straightaway par 5 that you can birdie, followed by a dogleg left par 4 that has a bunker protecting the front left part of the green. Hole 12 is a scenic downhill par 3 that plays 190 yards from the tips, and once again is protected on the front and back by a bunker, to a very wide but narrow green. Hole 13 is a nice dogleg left par 4 that you can’t go right on, or else you’ll find yourself hacking out of a huge cluster of trees. Hole 14 is a straightaway par 3 that once again has a bunker protecting the left side of the green, and it always feels like it plays longer than what the scorecard says (170 from tips).


Hole 15 is a 90 degree dogleg right par 4 that big hitters can try to bomb over the bend to set up a second shot of 100 yards or so, but if you slice one too much, you’ll find yourself in trouble and in Holmes Lake. Hole 16 is another short dogleg right par 4 where right is dead, and you probably don’t need driver, but will need to hit a hybrid or long iron far enough to give yourself a shot at the green, as the trees seem to go forever on the right side.

Hole 17 is a downhill par 4 that has a creek at the bottom that usually makes you hit a hybrid or long iron on your teeshot to avoid getting close to the creek, and hole 18 is a challenging dogleg left par 5 that once again is protected by trees, but just yield birdies often, too.

The clubhouse was redone a few years ago and is beautiful, with plenty of room to host a post-round event get-together. With a nice driving range and putting green, too, Holmes is always worth your time.

Contact Info:

3701 S. 70th St.

Lincoln, NE 68506


Head Pro:   Scott Carlson

Could the epic Wimbledon men’s final from yesterday spark a surge in tennis popularity?

-Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in an epic 5-set match, capped off with a 13-12 last set, that had the sports world buzzing. It’s also helpful to have two of the biggest names in the sport in the finals

-Will this help tennis popularity? Jake says ‘no way,’ and he’ll explain why—it’s not too tough. Also….sidebar about lack of popularity of Tour de France…

Fred Hoiberg says shooting fundamentals have been a focus of summer workouts….music to our ears / Shut Up Sipple

-Hoiberg was discussing what he’s trying to get accomplished right now with the team, as they get practice officially started today for their trip to Italy in early August, and mentioned that he’s trying to make sure his guys shoot the ball correctly…

-Does that sound like…(gasp)….DEVELOPMENT?! What?!? That’s possible?!

Tim Brando thinks Scott Frost will win multiple national titles at Nebraska….could you imagine?

-Brando went on with Paul Finebaum and was going through his projected Top 10 for the upcoming year, and lists Nebraska at No. 8, thanks to what he believes will be a Wisconsin demise, as well as a win against Ohio State on Sept. 28th in Lincoln

-He also says Scott Frost is a transformational coach and will win ‘multiple national titles’ at Nebraska, and could be the next generation’s Nick Saban. Now THAT is some mighty high praise and projections

-Apparently, Nebraska’s likely/upcoming success is not going to catch anyone by surprise.

The Early Break Golf Course Tour rolls on with… Holmes Golf Course

-What does Jake think of the course? Which holes are the biggest challenges? Find out…