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The Drive: June 21st, 5pm

Steve Sipple: Lincoln Journal Star

The Drive: June 21st, 4pm

Bill Moss audio from Bolt Press conference

Mike Schaefer: 247 Sports

The Drive: June 21st, 3pm

Isiah Roby drafted 45th overall to the Mavericks

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Cyza & Stephens: June 21st, 1pm

  • Would/Should Nebraska be open to dual-hosting a professional sports team, similar to this Tampa/Montreal proposal?
  • Parker Gabriel, Lincoln Journal Star

Cyza & Stephens: June 21st, 12pm

  • Jeff Christy didn’t pitch, but he’s Nebraska’s new pitching coach. Will Bolt explains why.
  • Streaking the quad
  • Wing Man, brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings

Cyza & Stephens: June 21st, 11am

  • Isaiah Roby is headed to the Dallas Mavericks
  • Ronald Thompkins has been cleared to enroll at Nebraska, is he a contender immediately at RB?
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

It’s another Friday Night Lights camp tonight…do commitments start rolling in next week?

-It’s also BBQ night! Oh boy—we’ve been waiting for this night for weeks now. Will the BBQ be good enough to make players commit?!?! It’s all about food….

-Final thoughts on the NBA Draft…

Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

-Isaiah Roby goes #_____ in the NBA Draft….good fit for him? Guaranteed first year in the G-League for him?

-Is it harder to believe that Nebraska hasn’t had an NCAA Tournament win ever or that they hadn’t had a player drafted at all in the last 20 years?

-Will Bolt introduced as Nebraska baseball head coach yesterday….thoughts on the hire and staff and what he’ll do here?

The Tampa Bay Rays announce they are considering splitting home games with Montreal…could share sports franchises ever happen again?

-Rays games are always low in attendance, and apparently this is a way to improve overall attendance? Seems like a total disaster. Remember when the Washington Nationals played in Puerto Rico for a while? That was weird. And not ideal

-This brings up the good ol’ days of the Omaha/KC Kings…we discussed last week if it would be possible for Omaha to ever have a pro franchise, based off of the huge attendance of the Royals/Tigers game in Omaha (25,000+ in attendance, the 2nd highest home crowd for a Royals game this season)…could this ever gain ground and is the Tampa/Montreal thing actually possible?

United Airlines announces they’ll do direct flights to college football games this year…what a brilliant concept

-The airline announced that Columbus, Ohio to Lincoln will be one of the direct flights, as well as Baton Rouge to Austin (LSU vs. Texas), and others. Brilliant concept, how many flights could they make this happen for? They will surely sell out of these ones…people would die for something like this!


Will Bolt introduced as Husker Baseball head coach…biggest takeaways from his press conference?

-Bolt seemed very, very happy to be here, as we all assumed was the case when he was announced as the hire last week…what did he say that you liked?

-Do you see stardom in his future or is Nebraska headed for more of the same from the Erstad era, which is not too bad, but not great? Hard to know. Bill Moos seems optimistic

Isaiah Roby goes to the Mavericks at pick #45 in the NBA Draft….good fit for him?

-Overall thoughts on the Draft and any big surprises/big trades….and the future of Roby

-That’s a good feeling to see one of your own players you supported for his college career to get drafted…this should be the NORM, not the exception…right? Maybe not someone every year…but can’t we get someone every 3 years or so? Is that so much to ask for? How can Murray State have a guy go #2 overall? And guys from Weber State/Morehead State/Norfolk State in the past? Come on, now!

-Also, Scott Frost jacking people up with The Program video….wow