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The Drive: June 19th, 5pm

Stewart Mandel says calling Nebraska  the most improved team in the country is easy

Adrian Martinez nickname

The Drive: June 19th, 4pm

What does success look like this year for Nebraska?

Michael Bruntz: 247Sports


The Drive: June 19th, 3pm

Jakeem Green is taking a look around

Sam McKewon: Omaha World Herald

Whats Poppin’

The Recruiting Hour: June 19th

Alex Conn joins the Recruiting Hour

Cyza and Stephens: June 19th, 1pm

Who’s Nebraska’s breakout star this season?

Onwiler’s Court


Cyza and Stephens: June 19th, 12pm

What a surprise… it is raining at the CWS again

What team does the Big Ten West run through this season?

Wing Man

Cyza and Stephens: June 19th, 11am

Is Jakeem Green looking elsewhere?

Did Nebraska miss out on Lok Wur?

Chris Basnett: Lincoln Journal Star


Michigan baseball coach Erik Bakich provides an answer that makes it easy to root for

-Bakich told ESPN during their game against Florida State that they recruit to Michigan players that look like the whole United States of America, and he cited how expensive it is for club baseball and travel teams. Rooting for Michigan going forward in the series or still not able to?

What can Adrian Martinez do this season to get to that elite level that many expect him to be at? / Shut Up Sipple

-Jake thinks that Martinez can help himself a lot by finding the tight end spot more. Nebraska had a tight end in the Tommy Armstrong era (Cethan Carter) that was criminally underused, and could have been a match-up nightmare. If Martinez can find the TE more, or RBs out of the backfield, watch out.

Can high national preseason expectations make people forget what their actual personal expectations are for Nebraska this year?

-If Sip and Jake were to sit here today and tell you their projection for the season, they’d probably say in the area of 8-4. That’s on June 19, and it’s been their thoughts the whole time. But, as more people put Nebraska as a team to watch in college football and give them a high record, could people forget about what their actual expectations for the team were as the season gets going?

-Example: Nebraska starts 4-0 but loses to Ohio State. You knew that game was going to be tough, but people will moan about a blown chance to get relevant on the national scene against the big, bad Buckeyes. Can we remember what our expectations were for the year as the season plays on?

What’s more exciting in sports—the drafts or free agency/trading periods?

-It feels like there has been a big shift in the past decade or so as far as what people are more excited about…seeing how the big news right now in the NBA is about Anthony Davis going to the Lakers, and not so much the Draft…what excites you more?


Nate Clouse (Husker Online)

-Overall impressions on first night of Friday Night Lights and also the Pipeline Camp?

-How soon do we start expecting commits to follow for the class of 2020? Also, Jahkeem Green update?

-Will Bolt named Nebraska’s new baseball coach….good choice or does it leave you desiring more?