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The Drive: June 6th, 5pm

  • Fan Duel puts out some odds on Big Ten football
  • Sean Callahan (Husker Online)
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: June 6th, 4pm

  • Is this baseball hire automatically good because Bill Moos is making it?
  • Thirsty Thursday with Kevin Meier from Kevin Meier’s Cork and Bottle
  • Drunk Segment

The Drive: June 6th, 3pm

  • USA Today QB List – Martinez at #7
  • Sad! Nebraska Basketball has to go on the road for the ACC/B1G Challenge again
  • Chris Heady (Omaha World Herald)
  • What’s Poppin (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Recruiting Hour: June 6th

  • Opening Splash
  • Thad Johnson – WR Westbrook High School (28:19)
  • Texts and Calls

Cyza and Stephens: June 6th, 1pm

True or False

Did Paul Pierce really poop his pants at the NBA Finals 11 years ago?


Cyza and Stephens: June 6th, 12pm

NCAA Basketball rule changes: Moving the three point line back

Parker Gabriel: Lincoln Journal Star

Wing Man

Cyza and Stephens: June 6th, 11am

What’s more disappointing: Nebraska Baseball getting on player drafted, or Nebraska Football getting no players drafted?

Robin Washut: Husker Online

Blog Jog

Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 3

-What’s more disappointing: no Huskers drafted in NFL Draft (7 rounds), or only one baseball player/recruit drafted over 40 rounds (1,217 selections)?

-Does Schaefer want new blood to win the NBA Finals or does he appreciate/like the Golden State era?

Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple

-What’s your level of surprise in Darin Erstad’s resignation?

-Who is the likely candidate to replace him and how soon might that happen?

-How good of baseball job is Nebraska in college baseball?

Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

-What’s going to happen with Maurice Washington if anything at all following the drug paraphernalia citation?

-FanDuel puts Nebraska as 18:1 odds to win the B1G in 2019…would you touch those? Which odds do you like?

-C.J. Smith enters transfer portal…concerning loss or not?

MAILBAGGGG!!!! Your questions, our answers

-As always, email your questions for Sip & Jake to or tweet at them

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY: Sartor Hamann’s Rick Hamann chimes in with today’s song!

The AP predicts Eric Crouch will make the 2020 College Football Hall of Fame inductee list…Jake again wonders why it has taken so long

-As Jake said last year, there’s no reason for any Heisman winner to not be in the College Football Hall of Fame. To spend 25% of your career as the best player in the sport and not be in the hall is a shame. Rashaan Salaam, Carson Palmer, and Crouch are all former Heisman winners waiting to get in.