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The Drive: May 31st, 4pm

The Drive: May 31st, 5pm

Nebraska Baseball wins its first round game to enter the winners bracket of the regionals

Wrap things up/ what we missed

The Drive: May 31st, 3pm

  • What will the stabilization for Nebraska mean for the Big Ten West?
  • Steve Sipple: Lincoln Journal Star
  • What’s Poppin?

The Drive: May 31st, 2pm

  • Extended hour of The Drive!
  • What’s going on with Husker baseball?
  • Can eight children tie for first in a spelling bee?
  • Mike Schaefer: Huskers247
  • Snowver/Under

Cyza & Stephens: May 31st, 1pm

  • 3-on-3 draft – 90s bands
  • Husker baseball updates
  • How can Nebraska get back to “nasty” like Scott Frost talked about on the Big Red Blitz?

Cyza & Stephens: May 31st, 12pm

  • Scott Frost think Dedrick Mills is going to be really good
  • Sean Callahan: HuskerOnline
  • Wing Man

Cyza & Stephens: May 31st, 11am

  • Nebraska baseball Regional preview: What do the Huskers need to do to advance?
  • Streaking the Quad
  • Blog Jog

Final thoughts on Husker baseball today / NBA Finals Game 1 recap

  • Will Nebraska get off to a good start and get the win against UConn or go to the loser’s bracket off the bat?
  • Also, entertaining Game 1 in the NBA Finals…how about Pascal Siakam?! More thoughts on the series..

Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

  • Nebraska opts to start lefty Nate Fisher today instead of Matt Waldron against UConn…why make this move and how do you feel about Nebraska’s chances in the regional?
  • What would be considered a success for Nebraska in the regional?
  • Isaiah Roby officially going to the NBA Draft…will he for sure be drafted, and can he contribute immediately in the league?

Today is the day for Husker baseball…what does Darin Erstad need to accomplish in the regional to silence the critics?

  • Nebraska/UConn opens open in the Oklahoma City regional with Nate Fisher getting the nod for the Huskers against the Huskies’ Mason Feole
  • Will it take winning the whole regional for fans to go easy on Erstad, or can winning 2 games quiet them? And what if they win just one game? Better than going 0-2…

Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau)

  • No Coast Derby Girls; Drive, Chip & Putt Competition; 2019 Volleyball Nations League; Saltdogs; and a giveaway!

The Big Red Blitz makes its way through eastern Nebraska, and Bill Moos/Scott Frost/Fred Hoiberg deliver the hits

  • The Big Red Blitz started in Norfolk, then went to Fremont and Ashland, with plenty of good quotes from the coaches and jabs at each other. Scott Frost wants to kick team’s asses again, and Fred Hoiberg says he can outjump Frost, but can’t outlift him.
  • Oh, yeah—and Bill Moos wants Nebraska to turn Boulder red….and also says Nebraska would be a destination job for someone at Texas. OH YEAH GET THOSE FANS ALL JACKED, BAY-BAY!