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The Drive: May 10th, 5pm

Adrian Martinez is the best QB in the Big Ten West– what does that mean for this team

Nebraska Baseball vs. ASU This weekend

Wrap things up/What we missed

The Drive: May 10th, 4pm

Hottest takes of the week

Nebraska baseball

What’s in the box

The Drive: May 10th, 3pm

A sneaky huge weekend for Nebraska football


What’s Poppin

The Recruiting Hour: May 10th, 2pm

Nebraska Basketball gets another recruit

Michael Bruntz:247 Sports

Isiah Roby is working out with several NBA Teams

Cyza & Stephens May 10th, 1pm

Cyza & Stephens May 10th, 12pm

Cyza & Stephens May 10th, 11am

Early Break: Hot Take’s last hurrah—a proper send-off for our jubilant young produce

  • We have dreaded this day for weeks, but it’s finally here—our young son must head out into the world and work at a camp this summer, and then find something beyond that. We wish he wouldn’t leave, but wish him the best
  • What are Hot Take’s best memories of his time with the show?

Early Break: Which Huskers might make big leaps in 2019? / Shut Up Sipple

  • Sipple gives another word of the day… and mispronounces it.
  • Shut up Sipple

Early Break: How much Kool-Aid are Husker fans drinking?

  • If we put the line at Nebraska going 8-4 this year, would more people lean toward 9-3 / better, or 7-5 /worse?
  • Jake has heard from a lot of people regarding his cynicism/realism regarding the preseason rankings so far this year, and just wants to get a fair representation from the listeners about where they are closer to. If the win total was put at 8, or just simply put an 8-4 record, would you learn toward guessing this team goes under that, at 7-5; or over it, at 9-3 or better?
  • This will help tell us where people locally stand vs. those nationally. If the majority say 9-3 is more likely than 7-5, than maybe Jake is reading the people wrong. But he’s not sure he is.

Early Break: Husker Baseball sits outside the NCAA Tournament as of yesterday’s projections

  • The action begins tonight, as Nebraska tries to build off of Monday’s win at Northwestern and get a nice run to end the season with back-to-back home series against Arizona State and Michigan—2 teams that are both in the Top 40 in RPI in the nation
  • It’s put up or shut up time for Nebraska, especially since they are at home. Will they show up and perform or end the season on a thud?

Early Break: Hot Take gets his first and last song of the day

  • HOT TAKE’S SONG OF THE DAY… of course it’s Adele
  • How did the texters react?