Archives for May 7, 2019

The Drive: May 7th, 5pm

  • Schools not playing an FCS opponent in 2019
  • National Anthem…yeah…
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: May 7th, 4pm

  • Jayce Johnson commits to Marquette, SAD
  • What happens with Nebraska football if Dedrick Mills isn’t eligible?
  • NBA Corner
  • Nebraska OFFICIALLY is IN the Cayman Islands Classic

The Drive: May 7th, 3pm

  • Husker Baseball wins yesterday. That’s all, that’s the topic
  • Biggest swing games in the Big Ten
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Recruiting Hour: May 7th

  • Opening Splash
  • Allen Trieu (interview starts at 23:14)
  • Nebraska has been successful getting the best player from surrounding states

Cyza & Stephens: May 7th, 1pm

Position Breakdown: Running Backs

Brian Christopherson: Huskers247

Should Nebraska schedule like Oklahoma?

Cyza & Stephens: May 7th, 12pm

What should the expectations be for Nebraska Baseball?

Why didn’t Kyrie and Boston work out?

Wing Man

Cyza & Stephens: May 7th, 11am

The Dedrick Mills situation is getting murky

Nate Clouse: Husker Online

Blog Jog

Early Break: Hot Take enters the studio to talk about whatever random thing comes up

  • 3 more days of Hot Take after today….let’s make sure we go out with a bang
  • Hot Take worked on his “See ya”

Early Break: Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

  • Brady Heiman is in the transfer portal, but Thor and Amir Harris are sticking around…what’s next for news in the recruiting/transfer cycle?
  • Heiman seemed to have potential as a shooter and is tall…why wasn’t he a great fit for Hoiberg?
  • Update on James Palmer, Jr. and Isaiah Roby’s pre-draft statuses

Early Break: Adrian Martinez comes in 10th in the Sporting News’ Top 25 QBs in the nation in 2019

  • Martinez ranks 2nd in B1G QBs, behind Shea Patterson (No. 8); the top QBs are predictable with Trevor Lawrence, Tua Tagovailoa, Jake Fromm, Justin Herbert, and Jalen Hurts as the top 5
  • How far is Martinez away from that level currently? Is there any chance of a letdown year for him or are you expecting even more breakout?
  • Thoughts on other guys on the list…Nathan Stanley cracks the bottom of the rankings

Early Break: Huskers avoid sweep after winning 6-4 over Northwestern

  • Recap of what happened in Evanston for Husker baseball
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY:
    • Is the song Drury Inn worthy

Early Break: Bill Bender (The Sporting News)

  • Bill ranked Adrian Martinez as the 10th best QB in the nation….behind the likes of Shea Patterson at Michigan…which of the 2 is the better QB when all is said and done, though?
  • Does Martinez have the highest ceiling of any QB right now in college football?
  • Lots of preseason polls have as many as 5 B1G West teams in the Top the West deeper/stronger