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The Drive: April 15th, 5pm

  • Audio from assistant Nebrasketball coaches
  • Baseball Corner (Nebraska baseball)
  • Wrap things Up

The Drive: April 15th, 4pm

  • Adrian Martinez has that Scott Frost/Sean McVay thing where they can remember anything
  • Fred Hoiberg hangs on to Jervay Green, and that is a massive piece to this puzzle
  • Mike Schaefer (247 Sports)
  • Whats in the Box

The Drive: April 15th, 3pm

  • Mohamed Barry wants to go to Indy
  • Robin Washut (Husker Online)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Drive: April 15th, 2pm

  • Do you remember that one time Tiger Woods won The Masters?
  • Biggest news from the Spring Game was what?
  • Some general takeaways from the Spring Game
  • Man of the Weekend

Cyza & Stephens: April 15th, 1pm

  • Jervay Green remains committed to Nebraska basketball.
  • Turner Corcoran is newly committed to Nebraska football.
  • Michael Bruntz, Huskers247

Cyza & Stephens: April 15th, 12pm

  • Takeaways from Saturday’s Red-White scrimmage.
  • Streaking the Quad
  • Wing Man, brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings

Cyza & Stephens: April 15th, 11am

  • Tiger. Woods.
  • Steve Sipple, Lincoln Journal Star
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

Early Break: Last thing on Tiger Woods and more on the Spring Game

  • Hot Take
    • Gives bad hot take on football
  • Does Tiger win the next major tournament?

Early Break: Fred Hoiberg gets Jervay Green to stay committed to Nebraska…what’s next for Nebrasketball? / Shut Up Sipple

  • Green announced on Twitter on Sunday that he’s staying with Nebraska, fending off Kansas, Oregon, and other schools for his services
  • There were other players at the Spring Game for hoops on Saturday, and it must have been cool to see Fred Hoiberg throwing the bones on the field…will there be any more buzz to follow?

Early Break: Would Nebraska football get any sort of similar national love for a resurgence like what Tiger Woods got?

  • Pretty much everyone in the nation was rooting for Tiger Woods yesterday on social media and just in general, and it was emotional for people when they saw Woods close it out and get his first major title in 11 years
  • Nebraska football was a dominant program for a long time, of course, and is one of the most successful programs in college football history in general….would there be any sort of similar national love for Nebraska if they won a national championship? What would the reception be like?

Early Break: The amount of people not from Nebraska who are salty about our Spring Game attendance is hilarious

  • Nebraska once again led the nation attendance for the spring game with more than 85,000 in attendance, and when people tweeted out the numbers, many people from other fan bases were quick to point out, “what else is there to do in Nebraska?” Because THAT’S always the jealous fan’s go to line..

Early Break: The Spring Game is here and gone…what did we learn?

  • Adrian Martinez is still really good, that’s for sure. Anything else big stand out? We of course didn’t see some star offensive players, but can you take anything major away from the scrimmage?
  • Other thoughts on the game