Archives for April 10, 2019

The Drive: April 10th, 5pm

  • Alex Caruso is Snow’s favorite player
  • Maurice Washington update
  • Practice Audio from today
  • Sam McKewon replay
  • Bock Movie review – The Witch
  • Wrap things up/Bye Bock

The Drive: April 10th, 4pm

  • Fred Hoiberg ranked as the second best hire of the offseason on Rivals
  • Nate Clouse (Husker Online)
  • What’s in the Box

The Drive: April 10th, 3pm

  • Sam McKewon (Omaha World Herald)
  • Practice audio from Today
  • What’s Poppin (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Drive: April 10th, 2pm

  • Fred Hoiberg rounds out his staff
  • The NBA was WILD last night
  • Rico’s Reviews

Cyza & Stephens: April 10th, 1pm

  • Parker and Tom’s bold Masters predictions
  • Onwiler’s Court
  • Nebraska baseball gets rolled by Creighton

Cyza & Stephens: April 10th, 12pm

  • End of an era: Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade both call it a career.
  • Latest from Spring practice
  • Chris Basnett, Lincoln Journal Star
  • Wing Man, brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings

Cyza & Stephens: April 10th, 11am

  • Nebraska football completed their last practice before the red-white game.
  • What do you want to see on Saturday?
  • Armon Gates and Bobby Lutz appear to be in line for roles on Fred Hoiberg’s staff
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

Early Break: Show Wrap-Up

  • Hot Take grades the guys
  • Wrap-up

Early Break: Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

  • What do we look forward to on Saturday if the big stars don’t play?
  • How does the backup QB situation stack up, and is it a viable situation if Martinez were to get injured?
  • Is Parker surprised he didn’t get a phone call for the UCLA basketball job?

Early Break: Why do Nebraska fans care so much about the Spring Game?

  • We’re not being critical of the fans at all—it’s very cool to see that many people in the stands for a game—but it’s just a practice. Wisconsin doesn’t have fans at theirs, and Iowa didn’t have any this year, either. It’s become common practice for people to mock low attendances at Spring Games…but it’s not all the uncommon for that to be the case
  • From a listener and fan perspective, why do you care about it so much? Is it just to preserve the opinion of being the greatest fans in college football?

Early Break: Creighton blows out Nebraska in baseball on the night of Fred Hoiberg’s first pitch celebration

  • Creighton beat the Huskers, 10-2, and you can just hear the Jays fans right now telling Fred Hoiberg to get used to this for his team, too—as Hoiberg, Matt Abdelmassih, and Bobby Lutz were in attendance
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY:

Early Break: Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

  • If there’s no Wan’Dale Robinson, J.D. Spielman, Maurice Washington, and probably a very small amount of Adrian Martinez…what exactly should fans be pumped about for Saturday’s Spring Game?
  • We can’t see much during practice right now during Spring Ball…but based on what you’ve heard, do you feel better about any positions that you had questions about before the Spring?
  • Ryan Held said he’s on Dedrick Mills every day to get his grades up to be eligible for sure…any concern that won’t happen?