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The Drive: April 4th, 4pm

  • Penn State article on Nebraska going all in on basketball and football
  • Chris Heady (Omaha World Herald)
  • Steph Curry was BLIND?!?

The Drive: April 4th, 3pm

  • The mindset around practices have changed…Competing isn’t good enough
  • I was listening to 1620 in Omaha and Creighton fans are triggered by what Bill Moos said about Nebraska being the biggest show in town
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Drive: April 4th, 2pm

  • Mika Adams-Woods has requested his release
  • Thirsty Thursday with Kevin Meier from Meier’s Cork and Bottle
  • Drunk Segment

The Drive: April 4th, 5pm

  • Mike Schaefer on Nebraska recruiting like they don’t care
  • Chris Heady (Replay)
  • Wrap things up

Cyza & Stephens: April 4th, 1pm

  • Penn State beat writer cited NU hoops as proof that PSU can do better
  • Nebraska’s recruiting method: Recruit like you don’t care if they commit

Cyza & Stephens: April 4th, 12pm

  • What will Nebraska’s basketball roster look like next season?
  • Robin Washut, HuskerOnline
  • Wing Man, brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings

Cyza & Stephens: April 4th, 11am

  • Spring practice update: BEST PRACTICE EVER
  • Rick Pizzo, BTN
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 3

  • Final Four discussion
  • Making fun of Sipples very, very bad takes on the game show

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 2

  • Do you believe that Nebrasketball can be a consistent upper-half team in the B1G with Fred Hoiberg, as Bill Moos wants and believes they should be?
  • Do you believe Hoiberg when he says he wants to finish his career at Nebraska?
  • Shut up Sipple

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

  • Huskers get commitment from Zavier Betts for 2020…how important was he to get and who might be next?
  • Are you more jacked for Husker football or Husker basketball in 2019-20?
  • Will Isaiah Roby stay or go to NBA Draft? How does season expectation change with that?

Early Break: MAILBAGGGGG!!! Your questions, our answers

  • As always, email your questions for Sip & Jake to or tweet @HotTakeAyers
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY:

Early Break: Are you more excited for Husker Football or Husker Basketball this year?

  • MIND-BLOWN….is this an easy answer or not? Jake was just thinking about it today and wasn’t sure what to say. Basketball will have a lot of new faces on the court, which could mean poor results—or it couldn’t.
  • Football has the promise of a Heisman-contending QB, and year 2 or Scott Frost. Which is more exciting, though?