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The Drive: April 2nd, 5pm

  • Audio from the Hoiberg Press Conference
  • Hoiberg Audio
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: April 2nd, 4pm

  • Hoiberg press conference reaction
  • Audio from the press conference
  • Jake Sorensen in studio with what the feeling was at the press conference

The Drive: April 2nd, 3pm

  • Hoiberg press conference reaction

The Drive: April 2nd, 2pm

  • The AAF has died
  • Husker fans, how does it feel to win?
  • Let’s really dive into this roster composition thing for Husker Hoops

Cyza & Stephens: April 2nd, 1pm

  • Hoiberg press conference is at 3pm today – what do we want to learn?
  • Brian Christopherson: Huskers247
  • Wrap things up

Cyza & Stephens: April 2nd, 12pm

  • What should expectations be in year one of Fred Hoiberg
  • The Husker defense seems to be out-performing the offense this spring, and that’s awesome
  • Wing Man

Cyza & Stephens: April 2nd, 11am

  • The Fred Hoiberg timing is terrific – just look at the Final Four
  • Also, the assistants – Abdelmassih and Henry – are terrific additions
  • Nate Clouse: HuskerOnline
  • Blog Jog (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

Early Break: Show Wrap-up

  • Final thoughts on today’s press conference

Early Break: Robin Washut (Huskers Online) / Shut up Sipple

  • What do we know about the new coaches coming in for the basketball program to help assist Hoiberg?
  • How have recruits responded to the hiring of Hoiberg? Any fear of losing them, and anyone else out there now showing interest in Nebraska?
  • Isiah Roby enters his name into the NBA Draft, and Thomas Allen in transfer portal, any chance they return?

Early Break: Bill Moos can do no wrong right now

  • What’s next for Moosy to help improve Husker athletics
  • Sip mentioned in the Lincoln Journal Star that Moos is ‘on fire’ at the moment, he should push for new facilities for football, men’s golf, and other areas. Can you stop a Moos freight train? What needs to happen most?
  • More thoughts on today’s upcoming press conference

Early Break: John Calipari is getting paid BIG at Kentucky, for the rest of his career

  • Should Calipari go out West? Most likely won’t be the case.
  • Song of the Day:

Early Break: Do you get worried about Husker football having slow start for the offense

  • Running back coach Ryan Held said Monday that the first half of practice was not good for the offense, and then they got rolling.
    • Offense wasn’t great in Saturday’s scrimmage
    • Mario Verduzco said QB’s got “Abducted by Aliens”
  • How much of Spring leaks into the fall