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The Drive: February 14th, 5pm

  • Are things gonna get weird here? Could it get complicated with Miles job status?
  • Are we being to positive?
  • Fart Cannons

The Drive: February 14th, 4pm

  • What do we make of all the football players getting in trouble
  • Chris Heady (Omaha World Herald)
  • Nebraska baseball uniforms, Throwbacks?
  • Matt Kuchar stiffed his caddie

The Drive: February 14th, 3pm

  • What is your feeling now on Nebrasketball?
  • Are you mad at Tim Miles for making a bad hump day joke?
  • Whats Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Drive: February 14th, 2pm

  • How about that?
  • Thirsty Thursday with Kevin Meier from Meier’s Cork and Bottle
  • Drunk Segment

Cyza & Stephens: February 14th, 1pm

  • Nebraska claims that they want to be successful in basketball. Do their actions reflect that?
  • Robin Washut, HuskerOnline
  • Nebraska baseball begins tomorrow. What can fans expect?

Cyza & Stephens: February 14th, 12pm

  • Can Nebraska basketball turn one win into more wins?
  • Scott Frost will have some decisions to make about his roster in the coming months.
  • Wing Man, brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings

Cyza & Stephens: February 14th, 11am

  • Nebraska basketball gets a win!
  • Was Richard Pitino’s reaction to the end of the game warranted?
  • Minnesota fans don’t like Jake Sorensen, and vice versa.
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 3

  • Show Wrap-Up
  • Is Valentines day the worst holiday
  • Ideas for defensive line coach for Huskers

Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 2

  • Weirdest halftime show ever?
  • Lack of student section is disappointing
  • Shut Up Sipple

Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

  • Nebrasketball update
  • The huskers finally get it done
  • Is Jake an a-hole?
  • Sip didn’t go to the game

Early Break: Mailbag

  • We answer the hottest questions in Lincoln
  • Song of the Day:

Early Break: Nebraska Basketball

  • What does the future look like for Nebraska
  • Tim Miles hot seat?
  • No more sadness… for now