Archives for February 1, 2019

The Drive: February 1st, 5pm

  • Nebrasketball
  • No more paying Bo Pelini!
  • Super Bowl picks and Prop picks

The Drive: February 1st, 3pm

  • Kyler Murray doesn’t know anything
  • Super Bowl Memory — The Final Edition
  • Steve Sipple (LJS)
  • Whats Poppin (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Drive: February 1st, 4pm

  • Hey look, another must win game for Nebrasketball!
  • I saw this Super Bowl foods by state map and some states are just insane
  • Alex B. Smith (Sports Handicapper)
  • Hottest Takes of the Week

The Drive: February 1st, 2pm

  • Super Bowl coming up, and Bill Moos and Ronnie Green have a message for you
  • Super Bowl storylines? What are they?
  • Nebraska Basketball: STILL IN BRACKETOLOGY!
  • Snowtiple Choice

Cyza & Stephens: February 1st, 1pm

  • Nebraska’s game against Illinois tomorrow is an absolute ‘must-win’
  • Sean Callahan, HuskerOnline
  • Weekend predictions

Cyza & Stephens: February 1st, 12pm

  • Super Bowl Sunday…Rex. Suh. Zac. Zuerlein. Who are you rooting for?
  • Super Bowl prop bets
  • Do the Knicks have a plan now that Kristaps is gone?
  • Streaking the Quad
  • Wing Man, brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings

Cyza & Stephens: February 1st, 11am

  • Best/Worst case scenarios for Nebraska basketball this season
  • Dirk Chatelain, Omaha World Herald
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

Early Break: Jake dumb take’s?

  • Should you dislike former Husker players if they play for a pro team you don’t like
  • 2 minute drill

Early Break: Lee Sterling (Paramount Sports) / Shut Up Sipple

  • Super Bowl prop bets!
    • Which team scores first? How are first points scored…FG/TD/safety?
    • Which team scores last Will the score ever be tied after 0-0?
    • Is longest FG made over/under 47.5 yard
  • Shut Up Sipple

Early Break: What is the ceiling for Husker basketball?

  • Tim Miles says tomorrow is the beginning of the second season, what does that mean for this team?
  • What can this team achieve without Copeland and on a downfall
  • Can Thor continue to step-up?

Early Break: Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau)

  • Boat, Sport & Travel Show; Husker Baseball Fan Fest; Harlem Globetrotters; and Dillon’s Auto Boxing

Early Break: Would fans give up all other athletic programs if it meant football was consistently in the CFP

  • How much would Husker fans give up in other sports to be good in football?
  • Would you let the demise of the volleyball team happen for football?
  • Alabama fans would say it’s worth it