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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: December 18th, 5pm

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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: December 18th, 4pm

  • Is it better for UCF to schedule soft from here on out?
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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: December 18th, 2pm

  • Why is this so complicated for coaches to understand?
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Happer & Stephens: December 18th, 1pm

  • Basically every five-star QB for the last 7 years has transferred
  • Are signing days always going to be really boring under Scott Frost?
  • Who do you trust in the NFL right now?

Happer & Stephens: December 18th, 12pm

  • Jim Delany is now open to CFP expansion, and that is significant
  • Nebraska is WAAAAAYY above average in the amount of offers they’re putting out
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Happer & Stephens: December 18th, 11am

  • Tim Miles is playing the ‘name on the jersey’ card again already, is it valid?
  • Nate Clouse (Husker Online)
  • Blog Jog (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

Should we care about Nebraska paying Akron $650,000 for not playing a game?

-Nebraska is paying Akron $650,000 for not playing this year, then will pay them over $1-million to play in 2025. Is it a big deal that Nebraska has to pay Akron for not even playing them this year?

Robin Washut: HuskerOnline / Shut Up Sipple

-Nebraska basketball’s win over Oklahoma State

-How would you grade Nebraska’s non-conference slate

-Is the 25th ranking in the AP Top-25 too high or too low?

No players (yet) have signed for Nebraska from the states of Florida, Texas and California, aka “The Big Three” states of recruiting

-Recruits from Nebraska and Georgia represent most of the Huskers 2019 recruiting class, and none from California, Texas and Florida. Was/is this a coordinated move by Frost? Or did they just get unlucky and not sign anyone from those states.

-Is it anything to worry about?

UCF and Florida are in a scheduling spat

-UCF athletic director Danny White reached out to Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin. White discussed the possibility of doing a home-and-home with Florida. Stricklin reportedly denied that offer, saying UF isn’t interested in scheduling home-and-home series’ against non-Power 5 schools. Sticklin counter-offered with two home games for UF, and one in UCF.

-You can’t blame UCF for trying, but is a two-for-one a good deal for UCF? Or is White allowed to be disappointed.

How do we expect Frost and Nebraska to use the running backs in 2019?

-Devine Ozigbo had over half of the carries for Nebraska football last season. Maurice Washington was second, Greg Bell finished in distant third but obviously left the program. In Frost’s tenure at UCF, he used one back who got a bulk of the carries, then had two to three other backs who had over 20% of the carries.

-This goes back to the running back-by-committee debate. With Washington back next season, and the incoming freshman in Dedrick Mills, Miles Jones and Wandale Robinson in the mix. Do we expect more backs to be used next season, or will it be relatively close to the 2018 season?