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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: December 17th, 5pm

  • Andy Katz: BTN
  • Snow recap/Poll question update

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: December 17th, 4pm

  • Dan Mullen tries to play hero for the CFP
  • Parker Gabriel: Lincoln Journal Star
  • Worst Tweet of the Day

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: December 17th, 3pm

  • Michael Bruntz: 247Sports
  • Around the NFL
  • What’s Poppin’

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: December 17th, 2pm

  • The biggest story about a great game in the national championship became a picture in a locker room
  • Nebrasketball has found their stride
  • Man of the Weekend

Happer & Stephens: December 17th, 1pm

  • UCF said no to a “2 for 1” with Florida. Should they have swallowed their pride and played the games?
  • Nebraska’s recruiting class is looking nice. Let’s play with the calculator and see how it can get even nicer.
  • What’s the ceiling for the Nebraska basketball class?

Happer & Stephens: December 17th, 12pm

  • Are you ready to buy in on Nebrasketball? When they look good, they look gooooood!
  • Andrew Bunch is testing the transfer waters.
  • Bull or No Bull, brought to you by Buffalo Wings and Rings

Happer & Stephens: December 17th, 11am

  • Nebraska volleyball took us on a heckuva ride, which ended with an “edgy” drawing on a marker board.
  • Nebrasketball beats up on Oklahoma State.
  • Steve Sipple, Lincoln Journal Star
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

Where does Mikaela Foeke rank on the great Husker volleyball players in histor

* Foeke obviously will go down as one of the most decorated athletes in Nebraska volleyball, with 124 wins, 4 Final Fours, 2 national titles and a runner-up finish. Impressive, indeed.

* She’s been the leader for the Huskers this season and capped off her career with her best performance in the final.

With two days left until Early Signing Day, the Huskers recruiting class is starting to take form

* With 22 known commits to the 2019 recruiting class, a plethora of good, in-state talent and more commits to come, Nebraska’ recruiting class looks solid under year two of Scott Frost.

* What’s the status on Lloyd Sumerall, Noa Pola-Gates and Ty Robinson? Those would be key additions to the team.

* What do you make of Nebraska sending EVERY COACH to visit Ty Robinson? What does it mean when a team sends it whole staff to see a player?

Andrew Bunch is thinking about leaving the program

* A Nebraska football official said Andrew Bunch’s name appeared on a database of players who intend to transfer.

* How would a Bunch transfer impact Nebraska? Overall, the Huskers will be set at quarterback with a clear starter in Adrian Martinez, and Noah Vedral and incoming freshman Luke McCaffrey on the depth chart. Could you blame Bunch for transferring?


Stanford whiteboard image is certainly disappointing, but are we really going to get worked up on this?

An image in the Stanford locker room after the game surfaced. It was a drawing on a whiteboard of a gun pointed at Herbie Husker and a saying “to Hell the Huskers.” A lot of reaction is coming from this drawing, and Stanford’s athletic department has apologized.

Nebraska basketball gets the win over Oklahoma State

* The Nebraska basketball team beats Oklahoma State in a neutral site battle in Sioux Falls 76-59. James Palmer continued his hot streak with 29 points

* Is this the best non-conference portion of the season they’ve had … since?

* What is the state of the Huskers as they’re bearing down on Big Ten play?