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Close, but no cigar: Iowa kicks FG at end of regulation to hand 4th consecutive defeat to Nebraska and end Huskers season at 4-8

-It’s a different feel than last year, for sure, but it’s still a loss: Iowa converted a critical 4th & 8 in the closing minute to get into FG range and made up for a previous missed FG and also a failed fake FG try to knock off Nebraska

-Nebraska had a ferocious comeback, which is great to see they didn’t give up when they were down by 15, and used the failed fake FG to then convert a VERY ballsy fake punt from their own 10 yard line, and then ultimately tied the game up on a great drive and sweet 2-point conversion to Jack Stoll

-Was it progress, or just another loss to Iowa? Do you feel like next year will start a run of success for Nebraska against Iowa?