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Saturday’s game and the next 2 games are big not just for 2019 momentum—but to also prove this type of offense can move the ball and score in the cold and wind

-There has been a conversation dating back to the Mike Riley era that teams that try to pass the ball or try to spread teams out can’t win in the cold weather when things get tough. Frost’s offense is obviously different than Riley’s, but some people doubt how they can hold up when things get nasty outside. Can they continue to put up big numbers, or will the California kid at QB falter when it gets cold out?

-If Nebraska is able to put up big yards/points in their next 3 games in what will likely be games that are played in 40 degree weather or lower, it’s a good sign that you can put that narrative to rest that this offense doesn’t work when the B1G turns into B1G, tough, nasty weather. And they CAN win in the trenches.

-More from Frost on Thursday: