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The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: November 5th, 5pm

  • There are no complaints from Saturday’s game from me
  • Bruntz replay
  • Snow recap/Poll question update

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: November 5th, 4pm

  • Parker Gabriel: Lincoln Journal Star
  • Worst Tweet of the Day

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: November 5th, 3pm

  • Michael Bruntz: 247Sports
  • Alabama beats LSU. Judging Brett’s cajun accent
  • What’s Poppin’

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: November 5th, 2pm

  • Nebraska didn’t play nearly a clean game, had plenty of chance to win
  • NFL Recap
  • Man of the Weekend

Happer & Stephens: November 5th, 1pm

  • Despite the loss, the arrow is still pointing up for Husker football.
  • Michigan looks like the team to beat in the Big Ten East. What the heck is happening in the West?
  • Can Nebraska still make a bowl game? Let’s look at the numbers.

Happer & Stephens: November 5th, 12pm

  • Husker basketball needs to learn how to shoot. Quickly.
  • Alabama is awesome now. You need to accept that.
  • Scott Frost press conference

Happer & Stephens: November 5th, 11am

  • Let’s be honest. Nebraska should’ve beaten Ohio State.
  • Don’t be afraid to call this what it was. This was a…*moral victory*.
  • The Blog Jog, brought to you by Barney Insurance

If there’s one thing we learned this weekend from the B1G, it’s that Michigan is undoubtedly the best team in the league and should be heavy favorites to win the conference

-Yes, we know the Wolverines head to Ohio State to play the Buckeyes at the end of the year, but Ohio State isn’t the team we thought they would be. They just seem lost compared to previous years, or less interested. Meanwhile, Michigan gets stronger, as they embarrass and rout Penn State, 42-7, holding the Nittany Lions in check all day long and doing whatever they wanted. Michigan is a legitimate College Football Playoff contender

-Michigan is a lesson to Nebraska fans, too. Harbaugh was thought to come in right away and dominate with Michigan. They had 10 wins their first 2 years, and a disappointing 8 last year. But here they are now, right in the playoff conversation. P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E!!!!!

National media seems to think Nebraska will contend to win the B1G as soon as next season, do you agree? / Shut Up Sipple

-Danny Kanell tweeted out that he thinks Nebraska will contend not just for their division, but the conference, by next year. Can we say that confidently after that game? Are we overreacting to the Ohio State game or is it justified? They do, no doubt, seem to be oozing with confidence and belief  right now

This goes back to the previous topic…if you beat Iowa to end the year, maybe you can have that belief…

Can Nebraska win out, and is beating Iowa the only way to salvage the first season of Scott Frost?

-The second part of the headline isn’t meant to be negative—we just realize when a team starts 0-6 and is now 2-7, it’s not the record that fans desire…but we all know it’s going the right direction, especially after what happened on Saturday in the Horseshoe

-The World-Herald’s Dirk Chatelain brought up the idea that beating Iowa is the only way to salvage the season—Nebraska is about wins, not just improvement and ‘almost’ wins. We feel good after Ohio State, but it was still a loss. You beat Iowa and get to possibly 5 wins, then you feel like the year is somewhat of a success despite the record

-Speaking of Iowa, they beat themselves in their 38-36 loss to Purdue…and also, Northwestern couldn’t hang with Notre Dame

Alabama’s dominant win against LSU depresses the nation…unless we think Clemson can give them a push

-It was labeled as a must-see game, No. 1 Alabama at No. 3 LSU…and it was a dud. ‘Bama won 29-0, and the LSU offense never did anything. It could have been much worse of a score. Clemson, meanwhile, appears to be the only team that can (maybe) push ‘Bama, as they put up 77 points on Louisville, and have now outscored their opponents 240-36 over the last 4 games. Are they the only hope?


Tony Davis (Former Husker RB)

-Moral victories are not something Nebraska typically desire, but can you accept that in the loss to Ohio State, and what did that tell you about this team?

-Can all the mental demons of previous embarrassments against big teams be washed away completely in a game like that?

-What do you expect the rest of the year from Nebraska?